Ding Junhui was swept 0-4 in the first round of the Grand Prix, losing the same opponent in three consecutive games

 Ding Junhui was swept 0-4 in the first round of the Grand Prix, losing the same opponent in three consecutive games

Gif no longer slow! Ding Junhuis two methods of solving thin edge are just right

Gif - too aggressive! Ding Junhuis chance of attacking and sending back was defeated in the first game

Gif - not good! Ding Junhuis two consecutive big mistakes to be swept by three consecutive?

Gif - can this also drop bags? Bad state and bad luck, Ding Junhui covers his eyes and shakes his head

Ding Junhui won the British championship at the end of last year. This years ranking competition was disadvantageous. In the past two weeks, he met Donaldson in the European masters and the German masters, and lost twice. In the Grand Prix, Ding Junhui played against Donaldson for three consecutive games, striving for revenge and avoiding losing in three consecutive games.

In the first game, Donaldson scored the red ball from afar. In the multi round defense, Ding Junhui scored the red ball in the middle of the bag, and turned into the defense with 41 points in one stroke. Donaldsons attack failed, Ding Junhui failed to call the colored ball when he scored the red ball. Donaldson scored 25 points for defense, and then scored the red ball as snooker. Ding Junhui was fined 4 points. After a long time of hacking, Ding Junhui hit 7 points from afar, while Donaldson hit the pink ball from Qingtai. Ding Junhui lost a game first after being reversed 49-58.

In the second set, Donaldson dropped the mother ball and Ding Junhui hit the red ball. He failed to call the red ball with 7 points. Donaldson made a 33 point mistake, Ding Junhui got 20 points and then lost the shot. Donaldson took advantage of Ding Junhuis defensive mistakes several times and got many chances to start. Ding Junhui felt bad and lost another game at 35-78.

Ding Junhui scored 5 points in the third set, and both sides fell into a defensive situation. Ding Junhui made another defensive mistake and Donaldson scored 14 black ball mistakes. Ding Junhuis single shot 48 points mother ball fell into the middle bag, Donaldson hit the yellow ball, Ding Junhui scored the green ball and the coffee ball, and Donaldson chased the stage to 60. The two sides fought for the black ball, Donaldson scored in the long stage, Ding Junhui lost 60-67 and fell 0-3 behind.

In the fourth set, Ding Junhui left a chance to go far, and Donaldson got 11 black ball mistakes. Ding Junhui scored 16 points and missed the red ball in the middle bag. Donaldson scored 81 points in one stroke winning. Ding Junhui lost the whole game 16-92, with the total score 0-4 swept, losing to Donaldson three times in a row, leaving the first round of the two consecutive games.