Boxer Quartet is inspired by Ye Yus personalized promotion song

 Boxer Quartet is inspired by Ye Yus personalized promotion song

Highlight 2: set up enough people to enrich the experience of love

In order to further strengthen the immersive love experience, in addition to the interaction and numerical design, how to shape the hero design that the audience likes is another important task of the boxer Quartet. The four male hosts in the play: young and hot blooded Xia Zihao, soft and cute shy student Han Xiaobai, cold and rebellious rock youth Xiao Qian Also, Xiao Wanxun, the president of the gentle and dark Student Union, has four distinct typical images, which are rich enough for Su and enough for each audiences fantasy about the object of love. In addition, the actors wonderful performance makes the role more realistic and lifelike, convincing, and the audience can always find the one that makes them heartache. In addition, there is Lin mints, a strange boxing girl, and Jiang Xue, a gentle and warm-hearted band manager, set foot on this dream chasing journey together.

In addition, the plot retrospective function allows the audience to go back to the past at any time, to re select and make up for the regret, but also to choose different male owners, experience a new love and harvest four different hearts.

Highlight 3: music element attracts the eye, Ye Yu content makes promotion music

Boxer Quartet tells the story of Lin mints, the heroine, Xia Zihao, the guitar player of childhood, Han Xiaobai, the singer with the voice of nature, Xiao Qianyi, the rebellious young bass player, Xiao Wanxun, the student presidents keyboard player, and Jiang Xue, the band manager, who together form a for teen band. They overcome many difficulties and bravely pursue their music dreams. Therefore, the music element is also a big part of the play Highlights: not only each character has a special song waiting for the audience to unlock, but also a large number of live live scenes and music performances in the play. The audience can even experience music performance through interactive operation, which is good-looking, pleasant to listen to, and fun to meet the audiences audio-visual needs in all aspects.

Not only is the play full of musical elements, but also there is good music accompanying the boxer Quartet. Today, ye Yuhan, the actor and popular singer of Jiang Xue in the QQ music simultaneous online play, will write and compose the original promotion song you never pay attention to me tailored for the drama. Ye Yuhan said that this is a gift for every character in the play. In the lyrics, she is like a balloon that cant catch up with her, and then she will fall back. it was sung by Ye Yuhan . Ye Yuhan uses the words warmth, unity, giving without seeking return to describe her role in the play Jiang Xue. In her opinion, she has similarities with Jiang Xue. In terms of personality, Jiang Xue has one side that she wants to lead everyone. I will also play such a role in life.

Highlight 4: double channel shock online [1001] call for love

Boxer Quartet is on-line in two channels today. The audience can not only watch the play in Tencent video, but also read app [101] interactively to unlock more colorful exclusive resources of Boxer Quartet. [1001] is Tencents first interactive reading app, featuring pattern theme, plot selection, strict selection of fine products, and free reading at any time. It continuously provides interactive visual novels, interactive comics, interactive dramas and other forms of interactive reading works. Here, you can freely attack the desired role, trigger different plot trends, in exquisite pictures and rich and varied In the sound effect, the experience is different from the previous story experience. It is reported that in order to welcome the launch of the boxer Quartet, [101] has also prepared a wealth of fans welfare activities for the audience. The audience can help their favorite characters and unlock additional exclusive welfare.

At the same time, in order to get closer to the audience, the leading actors of the play will also carry out a limited time business activity on January 10, which is called love taste boxing knows in spring. All the members of for teen band will come to Shenzhen romantically, prepare their own corresponding tea drinks for fans, interpret love taste, and extend their love from the play to the outside of the play.

As the first interactive play in 2020, the boxer Quartet has super visibility and playability. I believe that while bringing innovation to the field of interactive play, this play will bring a good-looking and fun experience to the audience, as well as a new and sweet heart. The boxer Quartet is online today. Please look forward!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie