The dispute over the copyright of wolf disco

 The dispute over the copyright of wolf disco

After joining the shopping cart, click on the license preview and also mark forProfile live performances prominently.

But when you pull down the license preview page, you will find that the performance rights section of the specific license text is written with unlimited non-profit performance, which becomes a doubt.

The latest progress in the copyright dispute over wolf disco is that on February 3, Finnish music producer Vilho ihaksi and copyright owner masima international sent a formal letter of attorney through domestic lawyers to sue the song wolf disco for infringing the copyright of moresun. In addition to Tencents three platforms with copyright, the British emperor, Huawei, Netease cloud and Migu also received letters from lawyers to stop using them.

At 0:00 on February 4, gem replied that it had previously purchased the non exclusive beat track of moresun, and published the certificate of purchasing the copyright of US $99 in the live broadcast, proving that it was not plagiarized and suspected of being ripped off. However, ihaksis $99 licensing contract shows that the beat can not be used for profit-making performances, and the authorizer has the right to claim at least 30% of the copyright proceeds and the right of signature.

Blind area, trap, fluke and game make up this luoshengmen.

Is the wolf disco a tort? Can the author of beat in rap songs ask for a share? What happened to Mr. Chen, a Taiwanese who had been killed half way? Dong Baoshi, who generously promised to donate all the copyright income, has this right? How will things evolve? Is there a reasonable solution?

Several copyright experts who are not convenient to disclose their names have launched an online round table discussion on these issues.

Beat is very important in hip-hop circle

My uncles fault is that this song should be composed in combination

Q: What is beat maker?

M: In the field of hip-hop, Beat Maker is composition. Beat is not the same as arrangement. The arrangement is only for piling up instruments, not for melody lines. I went to YouTube to listen to the original music, which is the melody line, not the arrangement.

W: Yes, we can clearly find that the melody of wolf disco comes from the original version by comparing it with the original version.

Q: But in the hip-hop circle, beat is very important. It is often the beat that comes first.

D: But the arrangement of this Finn is also a bit starchy. In fact, its just a few chords and arpeggios that dance in turn, but meet the standard of Shenqu

M: Your chords are all out. Isnt that creation? Copyright practice has nothing to do with artistic aesthetics.

W: In fact, rap has no concept of composition at all. If the chorus is sung, its still pleasant to listen to, and its red.

D: The point is, applying the chord routine can write countless songs.

W: The essence of rap lies in lyrics and performances. A lot of people use the beat of Finns, and the wolf disco is popular.

M: The old uncles fault is that the arranger written by his credits is the Finn. In fact, it should be composed jointly, and the arrangement should be royalty free. Then he spent 99 dollars at the beginning, which should be the choreography service fee. Not really. That is composition, otherwise the hip-hop industry will not be established.

Its reasonable for the original author of beat to ask for 30% of the words and music

Dong Baoshi can only donate part of his own copyright income, not others

Q: There is a doubt in the dispute: the purchase rights and interests written on the website are different from those in the body of the final contract. I tried to put the selected beat in the shopping cart, click LicensePreview, and the authorization in the PerformanceRights section will change from ForProfitLivePerformances to unlimitednon-profitperformance. Whats going on?

D: This can only be based on the contract. There is at least 30% share of copyright income in the contract, and the Finn requires 30% share of words and songs, which is reasonable.

Q: This website teaches us a truth: Based on the receipt of payment, the advertising page is deceptive

Q: Later, my uncle brought wolf disco to the variety show and Spring Festival Gala, and wrote an advertisement song with this beat. Its a tort, isnt it?

D: This contract is a bit lax and does not mention the authorization of the commercial part. If you dont write it, it doesnt mean you cant, that is to say, you need to obtain the authorization of 30% of the obligees for commercial use, which is not wrong. The original business authorization is to take it one at a time.

50: In this way, the old uncle is a bit copyright minded, but things are not done in place.

W: However, he was conscious that he wanted to buy out the copyright after he became popular.

Q: However, he failed to buy it out, so does it mean that he does not have the right to donate all the copyright proceeds (Note: on January 5, masima international officially entrusted lawyers to send lawyer letters to the wolf team, the British emperor, Huawei, Netease cloud and Migu to stop using the musical works and the recording product moresun as accompaniment. On January 24, Dong Baoshi announced that he would donate all the copyright income of wolf disco to the family members of medical staff in Wuhan?

D: Yes. He can only contribute his own share, not others.

There are various channels overseas to collect corresponding royalties, but the mainland has not yet

The original author sold to the copyright agent to recover the loss

D: In foreign countries, there are various associations, record companies and brands will also settle fees according to normal channels, such as radio and shopping malls, commercial performances, online digital streaming media, and physical record sales. There are various channels to collect the corresponding royalties for these simplest use scenarios, including recording the original sound and lyrics and songs.

Q: What about China?

D: There is no detail of income from channels in mainland China. Even if Tencent has the exclusive right now, the digital platform cant get the complete report. Therefore, if the mainland Chinese market is to cover a song, the copyright owners will charge the Internet and mobile phone money as well as the copy right, so as to guarantee the rights of songwriters.

M: Its not that great. This price is the market price that my uncle should pay.

W: But before the old uncle tried to buy with the Finn, the Finn refused, and sold it to Mr. Chen.

M: Selling to customers is different from selling to copyright agents. Of course, the Finns did sell it to the board to recover the loss.

D: I dont think the price of a $5000 song will impress the author. Mr. Chen should have bought many pieces, or there should be other transactions, such as acting as his agent outside Europe.

M: I sold it to Mr. Chen so that he could get money from his old uncle. It doesnt matter how much the Finns charge Mr. Chen. If Mr. Chen promised the Finns to get back the money from his old uncle, he could sell it for one euro.

Its not easy to choose a lawsuit. Its hard to get money even if you win.

50: This lawsuit will last a long time if it is fought.

Q: Now that lawyers letters have been sent, how will the incident evolve?

D: Its not easy to choose litigation. It will take half a year for that pile of notarial materials to come up.

50: And its hard to get money even if you win.

D: If you really tear your face, you can have a lawsuit. The final trial of the first instance and the second instance can be postponed for four or five years, the execution for two years, and the company can be cancelled at the end (Dong Baoshis side). The existing legal provisions are in the interests of this party.

10: Can the company be cancelled during the litigation?

D: Take the money out of the account and go bankrupt.

Q: What is the reasonable solution to this problem?

D: I think its easy to clarify. Make it clear that the two sides have issued a joint statement to inform the whole country who will be authorized to use the song in the future.

As for China, it depends on whether the part of the income from the copyright of CI Qu includes the part of foreigners. If there is a settlement, I will give it to others. If not, I will tell Foreigners where to collect money.

Author: Qian Lianshui