Wolf disco is caught in copyright storm. Is it a tort or a hole?

 Wolf disco is caught in copyright storm. Is it a tort or a hole?

A new coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, and gem, the singer of wolf disco, also announced that he would donate all the copyright fees for the song to the disaster area, which was even more favorable.

However, just yesterday gem and wolf disco were accused.

The reason is that Vilho ihaksi, a Finnish musician, uploaded a video in the oil pipeline and disclosed his work moresun beat production engineering documents.

This beat is exactly the beat used in wolf disco.

Later, he said that moresun has authorized the exclusive copyright to masima international media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. the company has entrusted lawyers to send lawyer letters to Dong Baoshis team, the British emperor (Chen Weiting cooperation version), Huawei (glory v305g version), Netease cloud and Migu, and stop using the accompaniment and all related works off the shelf.

For a while, wolf disco and gem gem gem were pushed to the forefront.

Some people accused him of plagiarism, and he lost his face abroad;

Someone Tucao wolf disco is very vulgar, moresun is much more pleasant than it is.

It is also believed that gem donated to Wuhan is to borrow flowers for Buddhas and to be reconciled.

Because of his mistakes, a series of people who have sung wolf disco, such as Chen Weiting, will be affected.

Last night, gem gem explained the infringement of wolf disco through live broadcast.

1. Did you copy? No,

Rapper often finds a beat before composing a song.

In wolf disco, gem gems rap flow is his composition, and ihasaki should be included in the composition column.

In the program of new rap in China, the subtitle is marked -- composition: ihaksi

QQ music, Netease cloud music and other music playing platforms are also marked - music arrangement: ihaksi

Therefore, if you use the beat of ihaksi directly and write your own name in the arrangement, it must be plagiarism; but gem gem cant be plagiarism since it has marked the name of ihaksi.

Gem gem is not the only one who bought the beat. On the tubing, there are many people who bought the beat to create.

Plagiarism is a big crime enough to kill a singers career. It cant be easily installed on the singer.

This is the premise of the discussion.

2. Did you pay for beat? I bought it.

On July 12 last year (earlier than the new rap recording in China), he spent another $99 to buy the unlimited version of the beat and get the beat without the watermark (i.e. the two biubiu and ihaksi without the beginning of the music).

But because I think the original watermark is very personalized, and everyone is used to it, so there is no waterless plate to replace it.

In the live broadcast, gem gem provided the payment record and contract of buying the beat.

And open the track record of songs to play to netizens, emphasizing that if you do not pay, there will be no track file.

3. Can beat be used for commercial performance? Doubt it.

On the website of beatstars, ihaksi uploaded more than 200 pieces of beat works. The charging method is roughly divided into four files: basic, 29 dollars. Premium, $49. Unlimited, $99. Exclusive, $5000.

Unlimited and exclusive are exactly the same in terms of user privileges displayed on Web sites. They all have the logo ForProfitLivePorformances (for profitable performance).

However, in the detailed contract documents, it is also written that: the unlimited version is only applicable to the words of non-profit performances, shows of concerts (non-profit performances, performances, concerts) for unlimited times.

Therefore, whether the unlimited version can be used commercially or not, whether the purchase page and contract of beatstars are ambiguous or not, can only be decided in court.

This is another lawsuit between gem gem and the website, or between ihaksi and the website.

Since the detailed contract has stated that it is only used for non-profit performances, gems position is not optimistic even if the lawsuit is brought to court.

When it comes to this, someone will say, just buy the ultimate exclusive version, buy it directly and get it once and for all.

In fact, gem gems team sent an email to ihasaki on November 2 last year, saying that they had bought unlimited version, hoping to continue to buy exclusive copyright, hoping that the other party would offer a price.

Perhaps at that time, ihaksi didnt know that wolf disco was on fire. He didnt know who gem was and what his purchasing power was.

Therefore, ihaksis response is: it is not recommended to purchase exclusive version, and you can continue to use unlimited version.

In the next few days, gems team asked ihaksi twice about the price, but no response was received.

Until November 25, ihaksi regretfully informed the other party that the exclusive version of the beat had been purchased by the $5000 price on the beats website.

5000 dollars, maybe not very expensive for gem and wolf disco.

So why gem gem didnt buy directly from beatstars? The reason is that gem didnt explain.

Maybe I want to press down the price. Maybe I read the video profile that ihaksi uploaded on the oil pipe before, if you want to buy exclusive version, please inquire first.

Later, a Taiwan Mr. Chen who claimed to be the buyer, the legal person of masima international media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., took the initiative to find gemstone gems team and hoped to share with him.

The cooperation conditions he proposed include: making a version of wolf disco in Minnan language and singing it by gem gem; using the version of wolf disco in moresun before November 14, the commercial income company must share; if the two sides reach a cooperation, the profit company generated by the commercial behavior of wolf disco will charge 40% of it from November 15.

Gemstone gems agent cant accept the terms of cooperation, and the two split up in disagreement, which led to todays farce.

At the end of the live broadcast, gem said it had chat records to prove how Mr. Chen from Taiwan got in the way and seemed ready to face each other in court.

So the wolf disco incident itself is a commercial contract dispute around whether to infringe, which has nothing to do with moresun or wolf disco. This song has nothing to do with the foreign or local atmosphere.

It is no longer important for Mr. Chen to buy out moresun for any purpose, and there is no problem with his purchase behavior in law.

First, there is a discrepancy between the sales page of beatstars website and the detailed contract. Which one should prevail? Is the website responsible?

Second, how to define gems commercial behavior, including the performance of party, variety show and livehouse, as well as his second creation of this beat for advertising music, which is illegal and which needs to be divided into the original author?

These can only be true to the court, there is a statement.

The beat, bought for $99, has become a national hit. Gem didnt expect it at the beginning.

As the song becomes more and more popular and the commercial value it attracts increases, gems team may also start to wonder about the terms in unlimited, so they are in a hurry to buy out the copyright of the beat?

However, it was a step too late.

Its not good for the ordinary audience. At least we have a science course on copyright and music. We can better understand the importance of learning English well... It also reminds all the original musicians. The copyright issue cant be ignored and slack. Source: editorial department responsible editor: Sun Yilin nk5261

Its not good for the ordinary audience. At least we have a science course on copyright and music. We can understand the importance of learning English well