Peerless double pride the figures of the Jianghu are in the style of ancient dragon, sweet and sadistic love keeps rising

 Peerless double pride the figures of the Jianghu are in the style of ancient dragon, sweet and sadistic love keeps rising

Based on the portrait depiction of human nature, the romantic Jianghu spirit of the original works will be exhibited

As one of the great masters of traditional martial arts, Gulong has always been famous for his sword walking on one side. His works are suspicious, absurd, intelligent and romantic. The touch of his pen makes his works more human nature and Jianghu spirit. Thats why he has become a lasting classic. As the most original version, the masterpiece of the peerless two arrogant women shows the core tone of the original work And Jianghu temperament. From the perspective of group images, people in the Jianghu cant help themselves is the best interpretation of the Jianghu written by Gulong. Every character has its struggle, its hateful place and its pitiful place, just like thousands of people in the world and all kinds of life. Among the many original characters that have appeared on the stage one by one, Jiang biehes dead in the night after he gave up his son to survive. He invites the moon to refuse the deep love and hate behind revenge, and the causal cycle of the ten villains various forms of evil. Since the play was broadcast, the evil causes and consequences behind those multiple character settings, good intentions and good rewards, are all deeply lamented.

Such a full character and image constitute a vivid Jianghu, a human Jianghu and a panoramic Jianghu showing the love and resentment of two generations. There is a fight between good and evil in the Wulin, a fight between good and evil in human nature, a friendship between yannantian and Jiangfeng, and the love of four people in the background of double pride and double pride Friendship flies.

The flower fish brothers have experienced love, the flower orchid fish cherry sweet Sadomasochism emotion gradually heats up

At present, the emotional trend of the play has become clear, with the words of netizens to summarize: Hualan is cruel, Yuying is sweet, and inviting the moon is cruel; in tonights plot, huawuji and tiexinlans misunderstanding is about to be solved. After the misunderstanding is solved, tiexinlans sentence you are always thinking about others, when can you think about yourself shows the pain of huawuji, which makes people mixed. This also proves that Hua Wuji is destined to be the perfect son that everyone envies. However, even if the misunderstanding is solved, there are still many obstacles on their emotional path. The repeated pressure of inviting the moon and the duel with the coming flower and fish cast a shadow on their feelings.

Different from Hualan, Yuying CP has gained a new level of sweetness since it was launched online. Su Yings intelligence is comparable to that of Xiaoyu. A delicate heart can be described as loving each other with the ancient spirit of Xiaoyu. When they appear, they are competing with each other. This competition is full of sweet flavor because of their warm and brave love for Su Ying, which makes netizens say hello to Su Ying Fishing master finally came, and joked, ask what the world is like, but its just a matter of falling and a matter of trying. Ask who else in the world can accept small fish? Su Ying is the only one!

Yuying couples beautiful love, you deserve to have! At 7:30 tonight, lets look forward to it together!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322