The next station is happiness leads the audience and resonates with the ideological thickness under sweetness

 The next station is happiness leads the audience and resonates with the ideological thickness under sweetness

Stars in Song Dynasty spend Valentines day together for the first time

In last nights plot, he Fanxing and Yuan song finally ushered in Valentines day. In the process of dating, they ignored others comments and imitated the classic movie Qiaoduan DIY ceramic cup, embracing each other affectionately. The intimate yuan and Song Dynasties specially prepared a surprise night scene to push the sweet atmosphere of dating to the climax. He Fanxing could not help feeling the beauty of love when she embraced each other affectionately by the riverside, and thanked yuan and Song Dynasty for helping her realize all the beautiful imagination of first love. Gao Tians interaction made it hard for the audience to hide aunts smile and left messages saying the picture is too sweet for the heart to bear. On the other hand, Cai Minmin (Yu Shuxin) was enlightened by the thought of no compromise, no spare tire in the yuan and Song Dynasties, and gradually tried to put down his perseverance. The secret feelings between Cong Xiao (Yang Zhiying) and Chang Huan (Wei Zheming) are broken due to customer disputes. The atmosphere of meeting again at work is awkward With the development of the plot, the emotional lines of each character are gradually clear, and the rich plot points are constantly.

Take off the romantic single plot, go to the heart, perform life details and resonate

The main creative team adheres to the creation concept of creating a high-quality drama, fully performs the first love of senior girl Gao Tian, and at the same time, understands the necessity of taking root in the real soil, and carefully depicts the life details of the characters from the aspects of family, friendship, love, etc. In the play, the girlfriends gather from time to time to talk about their feelings and experience with wine, vividly showing the emotional side of the senior girl to the audience; ye Luming (Wang Yaoqing) and CAI Minmins new relationship between uncle and nephew, cleverly narrowing the ideological distance between the two age groups; he pa (Fu Jia), he ma (Ma Li), and the neighbors share their familys long and short life together, sharing those years worry about their children The story of is unique in the style of the times, which can be called the true portrayal of parents All kinds of pictures are highly adapted to the real life scene, and the plot closely reflects the hot spots of life, which not only meets the audiences desire for love, but also complements the need to reflect the real life, so that the thickness of the drama of this work can be effectively enhanced, unique realism and sociality, and lay a solid foundation for the audiences in-depth thinking.

Next station is happiness will be broadcasted in Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV at 20:00 tonight, and mango TV will be broadcasted exclusively on the whole network at 22:00 that night. Please look forward to it.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322