Do you need to wear a mask in the car? How to adjust the air conditioner in special period?

 Do you need to wear a mask in the car? How to adjust the air conditioner in special period?

For the current transmission of the new coronavirus, the main way confirmed at present is droplet transmission and contact transmission. Therefore, in general, the transmission of the virus needs a certain carrier. In the absence of the carrier, the survival time of the new virus in the nature is not as long as expected. In a dry and ventilated environment, the survival time of the new coronavirus will not exceed 2 hours.

Secondly, we need to find out how the air spreads into the car? When the vehicle leaves the factory, a lot of sealing work has been done. In the case of doors, there are usually two layers of inner and outer sealing strips, so when the door window is closed, most of the air that wants to enter the vehicle must pass through the air conditioning filter element.

However, to know that the size of the new coronavirus is only about 125 nm, it is difficult for the air conditioner with air purification function to capture it alone. But it can prevent part of the virus from entering the car by intercepting the virus carrier. If the air conditioner has negative ions, it can also play a certain role in sterilization. Therefore, the air cleanliness in the car will not be much worse than that in our house.

So, if you are driving alone, or you only ride in the car with family members living together in isolation period, then we can not wear masks. Because when the vehicle is placed, even if there is a small amount of virus in the vehicle, it will perish quickly because there is no host.

When we travel for a short distance, we can also cut the air conditioner into internal circulation, which can also be isolated from the outside world. The air in the car will pass through the air conditioner filter repeatedly, so as to enhance the purification effect.

Of course, if you are still not sure, you can also disinfect your car regularly. According to previous reports, the new coronavirus is sensitive to UV and heat. At 56 u2103 for 30 minutes, 75% alcohol, chlorine disinfectant, peracetic acid and chloroform can kill the virus effectively.

Families with conditions can use ultraviolet radiation or steam cleaner to disinfect the car interior, and 75% alcohol spray can also be used for daily sterilization, but do not rush to dry after spraying.

However, if there are outsiders in the car, there is no doubt that we should wear masks and try to keep the distance between people. In case of public transportation, corresponding protection and isolation measures shall be taken.

In addition, we also need to speed up the air flow in the confined space and open windows as much as possible for ventilation. For a car, its better to open windows diagonally to speed up the air exchange efficiency. If its too cold, at least open the air conditioning external circulation.

So what do we need to know if we need to wear masks to drive? First of all, wearing a mask is not illegal to drive, and the regulations do not mention the penalty for wearing masks. However, if you have a mask, eat, call and smoke when driving, if you are photographed by the electronic eye, you will be punished by 2 points and a fine of 200 yuan.

In addition, some friends who wear glasses need to pay attention to the fact that it is difficult for the mask to fit perfectly with the face, so some hot gas exhaled will form water vapor on the glasses after overflowing the mask, thus damaging the vision of the driver, which is also very dangerous. In order to avoid the fogging of glasses, we can spray the defog agent used in the car on the glasses, or apply the detergent and soapy water on the glasses, which will have a good anti fogging effect.

In a word, we can treat the car as at home. When there is no one else, we can not wear masks. When there is someone else, we need to do a good job of protection. But say one thousand, say ten thousand, these methods are also to deal with the situation that must go out. In a special period, I would like to advise you to stay at home or stay at home. We dont have the ability to treat other peoples diseases, but we can isolate ourselves and not give the chance to spread the virus, which is also a great contribution.