Micro video ufe31 we move towards light

 Micro video ufe31 we move towards light

Virus rampant, march on New Years Eve

Be a front-line epidemic

How much courage does it take?

Long hair cut short

Bleeding mark on face

Hands bleached by disinfectant water to white and pleated

Each figure is resolute and resolute

The post-90s young people have begun to protect the world

There is no angel in white, but a group of children have changed their clothes and are learning the way of their predecessors. Its just a matter of curing diseases and saving lives and robbing people by death.

Isolate the virus, but not love

Everyone does what they can to be right

Light into a torch, can penetrate the haze

Go to the light and walk out of the darkness

As long as we have firm confidence, work together in the same boat, make scientific prevention and control, and make precise measures, we will surely overcome this epidemic!

Those who fight in the front line will win

Cherry blossom, hot and dry noodles are also on schedule


This is not an easy journey

Were with you

Forward to the light!