Bach: Chinas orderly fight against the epidemic believes that preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics will not be affected

 Bach: Chinas orderly fight against the epidemic believes that preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics will not be affected

Competition venues completed within the year

Venue construction is the top priority of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. At the second anniversary of the opening of the event, several Olympic venues have been built and put into use.

By the end of last year, 48 of the 52 venues and supporting infrastructure construction projects in Beijing and Yanqing Olympic Games had been started and 24 completed; 76 Winter Olympic projects in Hebei Province had been started, 36 of which had been completed. According to the plan, all competition venues will be completed within the year.

Among the landmark venues, Shougang ski jumping platform has been completed and put into use last year and held the boiling snow competition, which is the first new competition venue completed in Beijing competition area and the first ski jumping platform permanently reserved in the world.

The National Swimming Center has completed the transformation from Water Cube to ice cube. The smooth holding of China Youth curling open marks that ice cube has become the first Winter Olympic venue to complete the track transformation and hold events.

Data map: effect map of ice ribbon of national speed skating Museum

At the end of last year, the national speed skating hall also achieved the top sealing and enclosure, and the image of ice ribbon appeared completely. With the night scene lighting system debugging before the Spring Festival, ice ribbon also shows its beautiful posture. It is reported that the national speed skating hall is planned to be officially completed in June this year, and then ice making will begin, entering the pre competition preparation stage.

The successful holding of the alpine skiing competition in the 14th National Winter Games means that the national alpine skiing center has met the requirements of the competition. Technical officials and medical experts from the international skiing Federation also spoke highly of the national alpine skiing centers track, snow conditions, event organization and mountain operation.

Data map: rendering of national snowmobile Center

In addition, the main track project of the national snowmobile center has been completed, and the national cross-country skiing center and winter two center tracks have been completed. According to the news at the end of last year, the national ski jumping center xueruyi is also under construction according to schedule. In order to meet the needs of the opening and closing ceremonies of the games, the birds nest of the National Stadium will be reconstructed within the year at the latest according to the previous plan, and is expected to be completed next year.

The construction and renovation of Beijing Winter Olympic Village, National Stadium, capital stadium and other venues are also progressing smoothly. In an interview with the media at the end of 2019, the relevant person in charge said that the new and renovated venues for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are advancing with high standards and high quality according to the overall construction plan.

Data chart: the main structure of Beijing Winter Olympic Village project is fully capped, and it is planned to be completed by the end of 2020

In terms of transportation, Yanqing Chongli expressway has been completed and opened to traffic more than ten days ago, which not only achieves the goal of one hour transfer from Yanqing stadium in Beijing to Chongli crown prince City stadium in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, but also shortens the distance from Beijing to Chongli from three hours to 1.5 hours.

The high-speed railway from Beijing to Zhangjiakou was opened to traffic at the end of last year, so that the track from Beijing to Chongli Prince city can be accessible within one hour. As an important supporting project for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the opening and operation of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway marks the new progress of supporting construction for the Winter Olympic Games.

u2014u2014Meet challenges

Cancellation of the first test match of the Winter Olympic Games

According to the requirements of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, test events shall be held for all competition items 10 to 24 months before the official holding of each Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Data chart: the national alpine skiing center has met the relevant requirements of the test competition provided by Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau

As the first test competition of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2019-20 International Snow Federation alpine skiing World Cup Yanqing station competition was originally scheduled to be held in the national alpine skiing center from February 15 to 16, including the mens slide and super big turn events.

It is reported that the snow track, training and technical service snow track of alpine skiing competition involving test competition of national alpine skiing center have completed snow making and snow pressing work, and relevant supporting permanent facilities and temporary facilities have been completed and meet the requirements of test competition. However, in view of the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia, the event eventually had to be cancelled.

In order to cooperate with the prevention and control of the epidemic, the two-year countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which was scheduled to be held in the birds nest on the 4th, was also cancelled.

Data chart: Bach inspects 2022 Winter Olympic stadium construction in Zhangjiakou

Not only that, affected by the epidemic, Chinas domestic sports competitions have been postponed. For example, the 14th National Winter Games, which was originally scheduled to be held in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from February 16 to 26, will be postponed to the end of the year; the China Skating Association has announced the postponement of all kinds of national competitions, with the time to be determined. As the meet Beijing series winter sports events of Beijing Winter Olympic test competition, it may also continue to be affected.

To sum up, the epidemic has put a severe test on the preparation of the event and the national team. At present, the State General Administration of sports has set up an epidemic prevention office to prevent and control the epidemic, ensure the safety of the armed forces, and prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Tokyo Olympic Games to reduce the impact of the epidemic. It is reported that at present, the preparation of all the national teams is smooth, and there is no suspected case in the preparation team.

President Bach also expressed his full support, high appreciation and high respect for the efforts being made by the Chinese people. The Chinese people are actively and orderly fighting against the epidemic. We are fully confident that the preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will not be affected. China will once again welcome athletes from all over the world to compete in Beijing.

Photo: Han Tianyu returns this season and wins the mens 1000m gold medal in the short track speed skating world cup in Shanghai

u2014u2014Team preparation

Everything goes well and keeps breaking through

As the leader of Chinas winter sports, Chinas short track speed skating team is preparing for the national winter sports training center, where flower skating, curling and other teams are also training. And teams like snowmobiles and snowboarding U-shaped venues are competing overseas, and some of them have just competed in the Winter Olympic Games.

On the second anniversary of the countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the good news came from all directions.

Li Chunjian / Shi Hao in the competition picture source: International snowmobile Federation official website

The international snowmobile Federation World Cup is being held in St. Moritz, Switzerland. In the four person car project that ended on the 2nd local time, Chinese team Li Chunjian, Wu Qingze, Wu Zhitao and Chen Tianhong ranked seventh with the total score of 2:11.88 in two rounds of competition, writing the best record of the world cup of Chinas snow team. The day before, Li Chunjian / Shi Hao ranked 10th in the mens double snowmobiles competition, which was the first time that Chinese players ranked in the top 10 in the World Cup Mens double snowmobiles.

In terms of snow, Cai Xuetong and Liu Jiayu are currently tied for the first place in total points in the U-shaped field skills world cup of snowboarding of the International Snow Federation this season, among which Cai Xuetong just won the championship in Mammoth Mountain Station of the United States three days ago.

Data map: historical map of ningzhongyan

In the ice skating event, Ning Zhongyan wrote a new history of Chinas speed skating. He won the mens 1500 meter gold medal in Nursultan station of Kazakhstan in the speed skating world cup of the International Skating Federation. This is the first time that Chinese players have been on the highest podium of the world cup in this event. At this time, it is more than ten years since Chinese men won the world cup speed skating gold medal last time, and the last time Chinese athletes won the world championship of this event is more than half a century ago.

With the deepening of the Beijing Winter Olympic cycle, we have more reason to expect more from Chinas ice and snow athletes. (end)