Contacts of new crown pneumonia: frightened to cry after knowing that the man sitting next to him has been confirmed

 Contacts of new crown pneumonia: frightened to cry after knowing that the man sitting next to him has been confirmed

They may just happen to meet one of the infected people in the high-speed railway station and airport. After a short period of meeting, they go to different places.

A few days later, they were suddenly told that because of their close contact with the confirmed patients, they were designated as close contacts of pneumonia cases infected with new coronavirus. Then they received a medical notification and began isolation.

Li Meng is one of the close contacts in isolation.

She works in Guangzhou and lives in Yanbian. On January 23, she landed in Changchun by plane. On the high-speed railway from Changchun to Yanbian, she sat next to a male passenger who was later diagnosed. After learning about this, Li Meng cried on the spot. She was worried about infecting her family, and then suffered information leakage. But she finally calmed down and accepted isolation.

Li Meng wants to tell more people that due to the protection in place, she is still safe. During the isolation period, the personal information of confirmed passengers was circulated on the Internet, including malicious comments. Li Meng never blamed this fellow townsman, I am just like him, a returnee who has been wandering for a year. We shouldnt blame the infected. Our common enemy is whether the virus is a patient or not.

Here is her account.

Scared to cry.

When I saw the screenshot of the document forwarded by the group, it was about 2 p.m. on January 29. I was having dinner with my friend in the hotel. The title of the document is close contacts, which is a record of a 27 year old male patient with pneumonia who returned from Wuhan to Yanbian. Second of them were a bit afraid of me. The date of his ride was January 23rd, the train number and the carriage number were exactly the same as mine. His seat was 7A, and I was 7C.

I was really in a bit of a panic. I was in a hurry at that time. I was afraid that the next table would cause panic. Just run to one side and start calling at a relatively hidden desk. In fact, friends at the same table are afraid and worried. They are also a little angry that this person came back at that time.

u25b3 according to Li Mengs ticket purchasing records, she and a confirmed case took the same train, same carriage and adjacent seats

I called my friend who works in a government agency to see if it was true. Im scared to death. Ive been urging my friends to check. My friend replied that he was a suspected case and didnt have a definite diagnosis. He asked me not to think about it. He also said that I should not be afraid to be close to him.

On the phone, when she read the seat number, I was scared and cried. Its true. At that time, there were two words in my heart: lying trough! I dont think there will be such a fate.

Later, I called Yanbian Disease Control Bureau, Tumen City Disease Control Bureau and Tumen peoples Hospital, hoping to further verify the information. At that time, the replies I received were still unconfirmed. Im not that scared, considering that I dont have any physical or verbal contact with him. I called my mother again, and she told me not to panic, waiting for her to pick me up.

Its only ten minutes to go home from the hotel. My mother told me not to be afraid. Its a man-made panic. Nothing will happen. I didnt cry at that time, but I felt very guilty and worried about infecting my family. They were all older. Im also worried about infecting my friends. If I didnt have dinner with them, their parents wouldnt allow them to go out.

On January 30, he was officially confirmed. At about 3:00 that afternoon, I received the notice of medical observation. The community staff began to connect with me, and sent me a tip of home medical observation for close contacts. I followed the above tips strictly.

I take my temperature at 8:50 a.m. and 2:50 p.m. every day and send it to them. I also prepared a small watering can with a little chlorine containing bleach (the disinfectant is sold out), which I spray every other hour. I dont go out, just stay at home. Recently, sometimes I feel chest tightness, but I dont have a fever, and when I eat it, I dont worry so much. It may be a heart attack.

I spent most of my time writing the news about the epidemic. What worries me most about these two days is that I am asymptomatic. I am worried that I am (asymptomatic). I cant help but watch the news constantly. I cant do without information. Ignorance will make me panic.

I take the experience of asymptomatic infection, and my experience to prove each other. Most of them had early onset. I began isolation on the seventh day, and the people around me were OK, which greatly reduced my fear. In fact, I wanted to take CT, but my mother said, no symptoms, can not go to the hospital.

u25b3 Li Meng reports her temperature to the community twice a day. The picture is a chat record

Be calm.

Im timid. Ive been careful since the outbreak. I was still working in Guangzhou on January 22, and saw the statistics of peoples daily show that as of 23:00 on January 21, 270 cases had been diagnosed in Hubei and 17 cases in Guangdong. I was very scared.

I dare not take the subway. I try to take a taxi when I go out. I wear masks when I go to work. At that time, the elevator buttons in the office building were pasted with the prompt of disinfection every hour. I also saw some reports forwarded by some people. According to the data model, at least 7000 people were infected at that time (on the 21st), and I wondered what the ghosts were.

Guangzhou is a serious area. On my way home, I did a lot of personal protection.

After I changed to the high-speed rail, I immediately changed my mask. Except for drinking water, I never took it off. Even if I dont know if its useful, in line with the psychology of prevention, I still drank 999 Ganmaoling on the way. When I got home, I washed my clothes first. I used disinfectant for clothes and chlorine bleach for mopping the floor.

u25b3 high speed card setting for epidemic prevention inspection in Yanbian area

I remember the man in seat 7a, who wore a mask all the way. It was a black disposable medical mask. When he called, he didnt take off his mask and coughed all the time. I have no direct contact with him.

According to the information on the Internet, I learned that he was 27 years old, and now he basically has no fever, which shows that young people have strong resistance and may really overcome the virus. Coming home so long, I have no symptoms, which shows that as long as the protective measures are in place, it is effective to isolate infection.

Sometimes, Im also confused and worried about infecting my family in case of an accident. Most of them are 50 to 70 years old. My brother was quarantined because he had eaten with me. He had a slight cough. Because there were children at home, he moved to a single room to live by himself. The colleagues he had contact with at work were also isolated.

My aunts 66th birthday this year, and my fathers birthday on the sixth day of the lunar new year. We were going to get together for the new year, but now I can only stay at home. I have also reported to the company. The leadership is very good, so I dont have to worry about it. I am safe and isolated.

Up to now, my family and I have no problems. Although we are not idealistic, we should believe in the power of spirit. We human beings have subjective initiative. We need to calm down. Panic cant solve the problem.

Now, I really want to have a glass of Boba milk tea, and also miss the frozen lemon tea of Guangzhou Rongji.


These two days, when I tweeted, I saw a lot of people scolding my neighbors passengers. The documents on the Internet leaked out his home address, phone number and ID number. How can I send all my personal information? Dont be responsible?

There are many voices blaming him on the Internet, such as: knowing that you are ill, return, Damn it, dont stay in Wuhan well, what do you want to do when you come back? and get him out and get beaten. Its hard for me to see this. Id like to speak for him, but Im afraid of causing more panic. I thought, when Im done with isolation.

Later, I saw his account on the Internet. He said there were no symptoms when he left Wuhan on the 23rd and a temperature test was conducted at Changchun airport. Because not at ease, he went to the peoples Hospital of Tumen City for blood routine test and CT test before returning home, and the doctor asked him to observe in isolation.

After he went home, he had symptoms on the 24th with a fever of 37.4 degrees. After taking the medicine, his temperature has been around 36 degrees. No. 28 CDC informed him that he needed to do nucleic acid test. He received the notice in the early morning, only to know that he was suspected, but at that time, he had not been confirmed. He mentioned in his own account that if he knew that he was ill, he would not come back. He was also under a lot of pressure. He loved Yanbian.

u25b3 after being diagnosed with new pneumonia, the male passenger who returned from Wuhan was criticized by netizens. He made a personal statement in the circle of friends

Some Yanbian locals were angry because Wuhan closed the airport and train leaving Han on January 23. Some believe that he was lucky to come back on January 23. In fact, his flight was before 10 oclock, when the airport was open.

I believe that he may be the same as me. He is also busy at work until the last day, waiting for this time of year to go home. People at home may not feel the floating psychology. Of course, its a personal choice. I dont mean to add sympathy to him. I just hope to think more about transposition and less cyber violence.

Later, my friend told me that all the information about the staff in one of our carriages had gone out, which was very detailed. Im really angry. Im afraid to affect my parents lives. I called the CDC to complain, and they were in a hurry to control. They explained that the wechat group used to work and it was easy for information to flow out. Now its point-to-point work.

Through this incident, my biggest feeling is not to expose the information of patients and close contacts, which is not only not helpful to stop the spread of the virus, but also illegal. I hope we dont repel each other. Our common enemy is the virus.

(in order to protect the privacy of interviewees, Li Meng is a pseudonym)

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