Flores: theres a big difference between training in England and China. Iharo has to adapt for a month

 Flores: theres a big difference between training in England and China. Iharo has to adapt for a month

Ihalo has played for Watford in the Premier League in the past. He moved to China Super Changchun Yatai in February 2017 and joined Shanghai Shenhua in February last year. The main problem is how he trains in China, which is different from England, said Flores, who has worked with ihalo at Watford and Shanghai Shenhua. There is a huge difference between the two leagues in terms of physical requirements. Is he really ready to play in the Premier League first team? It may take him a month to get back to the pace of the game

Flores also spoke well for ICARO: the good news is that he knows a lot about his health, works hard to prevent injuries and does extra work after training. I feel in China that he works as hard as he did four years ago, and we can feel in China that he can recover to a very high level in any team in Europe. Im very impressed with ihalo, I really appreciate him, hes very professional as a player and his private life as an ordinary person is very low-key. He has strong Christian values and is respected.

Flores went on to talk about the characteristics of ihalo: his first characteristic is that he can protect the ball and give the team some time to press on and win the second goal. Its very difficult to get the ball from his feet. Hes stronger than he looks. Four years ago when we put the ball in neutral, he was also very fast, but now its five years, hes a little different, but hes still very good against the body. In the past, we have arranged for him to play double forward with Troy Dini. They have a mutual understanding. In addition, he plays single forward well. His most valuable quality is that his teammates can quickly understand his strengths, and his adaptability is very strong

However, his good friend antoinho Louis Zar revealed: joining Manchester United is his dream. He will watch Manchester United and Watford in China. As early as a few years ago when he was at Watford, when we were having a dinner party, he told me that then United manager van Gaal wanted to sign him, in January 2016. But in the end the transfer did not succeed

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