UAV spray 84 disinfectant war epidemic in Huanggang

 UAV spray 84 disinfectant war epidemic in Huanggang

In fact, what he wants to express is that because of the complex flying environment, the high difficulty of flying, going out during the epidemic prevention and control period, and operating the UAV, his nerves are tense. He also said that the 84 disinfectant atomized today is really eye-catching, even if the drone flies high.

Zhu Beibei, an ordinary villager of group 6, dashengshan village, Qiting Town, Macheng City, Hubei Province, was born in 1990. He is an ordinary flying hand, driving for more than three years.

Because it was the first day to spray disinfectant, he didnt have goggles ready, just a mask. Check the UAV, charger and medicine box as usual, and leave at noon.

He and his brother are both experienced in UAV control. However, in the Spring Festival of 2020, when they learned that 84 disinfectant could be sprayed on the village, they discussed whether to let their brother go, because he is more skilled in technology. Brother said, still a little nervous, afraid to break the drone.

Although the Spring Festival is not over, but the alarm of the epidemic is getting louder and louder. He pondered for a while at home, summoned up his courage and proposed by the village cadres to use drones to sprinkle disinfectant in the village.

Before spraying, Zhu Beibei thought about it. If the UAV breaks down, he will bear the loss. I saved money to buy it. Zubeibei is very sad. As for the village cadres, they asked Zhu Beibei a lot about the details of spraying medicine. They were distressed by the disinfectant and what the medical conditions were in the countryside. Needless to say, they heard that the sick people in the town had been sent to Wuhan.

The epidemic is urgent. All right, then do it.

When spraying, there was no one in the village, only a few village cadres followed him from beginning to end.

He said, we all know that the epidemic is serious. The loudspeakers in the village shout every day. Every family is closed at home.

He was given special permission to work, or else he would not be able to get out.

Village cadres are also hanging a heart.

Villagers, men, women, old and young, are pickling at the window, talking and laughing at him. He also said with a smile, if you let (them) go out, you may be surrounded by people.

Strict control, the village usually the most lively streets, also become empty.

When spraying, these village roads became his main battlefield.

In the winter afternoon, there was no big sun, the weather was gray, and the spraying effect of the liquid medicine was not obvious. The village secretary felt it under the UAV, and the liquid medicine settled like a drizzle. The Secretary commented, its amazing. turning around, he began to spread the clothes and dry the food in the house.

Some village cadres arranged for Zhu Beibei to work more smoothly. He was responsible for using drones to dry up the virus in the air.

Decontamination, both hate, but also happy..

Jube is very proud to introduce to me his own baby UAV. Im not afraid of the (NATURAL) wind. My UAV has a downforce wind field, which keeps pressing downward. The wind farm can not only bring up tens of kilograms of UAVs, but also make the liquid medicine fall to the ground without pressure.

What needs to be added is that the flight altitude of agricultural UAVs is about two meters at ordinary times, while that of disinfection and epidemic prevention missions is more than ten meters. The UAV has its own downforce wind field to control the landing direction of the liquid medicine. In order to prevent floating, adjust the size of the liquid medicine particles to 220 u03bc m, and the large particles are not easy to be blown away by the natural wind.

As an experienced flying hand, spraying is not difficult, but in the village, spraying on the village road, there are many headaches, the most headache is the tree.

Poplar trees are very tall, more than ten meters high, and they are planted irregularly. Bypassing them becomes the focus of the research. Can not dare to hit, hit on the explosion machine, my heart has been pinching the sweat.

The difficulty lies in route planning, testing the technical level of pilots and the performance of UAVs, he added.

The key to customs clearance is to shuttle between tall trees and houses, he said From time to time, he said, its exciting.. I guess he was trying to relieve the pressure of the spray.

In addition to worrying about drones, he has been talking about saving medicine. The Secretary of the brigade told him several times. He said, I think there are many ways to save it. In order to save money, there are several households at the door, I will spray at a fixed point, that is, spend more time and work.

He also joked with me that he usually sprays pesticides, so all poisons are inviolable.

Now Huanggang, an important part of Wuhan city circle, is only an hour away from Wuhan. Near Wuhan, in the critical period of the epidemic, this is a matter of frowning.

At sunset, I finally finished spraying Wanzi. I asked jube, what is Wanzi? He said, the local dialect here is a small village. With the efficiency of drones, there are forty or fifty families in our village. All afternoon.

The flying hand and his own UAV have delicate feelings, are most familiar with each other and are most intimate.

However, jube said, the tension this time is unprecedented. Because of the complex terrain, the difficulty coefficient is very high. So, he said, its exciting, its worrying about the situation..

Its not going to end like this. There will definitely be demand in other teams.

Up to the time of publication, Zhu Beibei had no idea what the workload of the task would be, because someone would come and ask when he could go there.

As we all know, the efficiency of UAV spraying disinfectant is far higher than that of manual spraying with medicine box on back.

Flying in the vast and flat farmland spraying, the maximum speed can reach 12 meters per second, the wind force of the bottom pressure wind farm blows wheat more than two feet high, making the green wheat wave swing regularly with the wind group, like the shaking silk.

During the special period, agricultural UAVs flew up the main road of the village from the field.

I asked Zhu Beibei, I heard that the stool of the confirmed patients can detect 2019 ncov nucleic acid (new coronavirus) positive. When the epidemic prevention and control period comes out for spraying, Im afraid Im not afraid.

He replied, in fact, my family is worried. After all, we have a lot of confirmed cases in Huanggang, and there are also confirmed cases in our town.

After expressing his worries, Zhu Beibeis voice rang out and broke the gloom. He said, this time, as a flying hand, I can do something for the villagers with my own special skills, not only for medicine, but also for my heart..

If the drone could think, it would.

Thousands of kilometers away, there are a group of people who are thinking about jube and his baby drone.

Hes Gong Juqin, Justin.

Gong Qiqin told me that the epidemic situation on January 23, 2020 is becoming increasingly severe. He and Peng bin have been tense in their hearts. On the one hand, they are worried that the coming epidemic will affect the work after the Spring Festival. On the other hand, they dont know what they can do for it.

The company started the evaluation of epidemic prevention and killing. Is it necessary to use agricultural UAV for epidemic prevention and killing?

At this time, I heard some news that there are already drones from all over the country that have been used for epidemic prevention and killing. speed is the soldier s asset.

What we didnt expect was that a big turning point appeared soon, and the national health and Health Commission released that the virus was transmitted through contact.

There is nothing to wait for.

On January 29, Gong and Qin urgently convened an online meeting to discuss the action plan. On January 30, they completed the implementation plan, and the management voted through the action budget of 5 million yuan. On the night of the 31, the companys public number was formally issued a call order.

The public number tweets showed that the agricultural UAV research and development production manufacturer, the extreme flying company, set up a 5 million special fund to support the nationwide UAV epidemic prevention and elimination. The company provides spare parts and extended warranty service support with an equivalent value of 5 million yuan. From February 1, for users who have successfully signed up, passed the examination and completed the killing operation in a standardized way, the company will bear the maintenance cost of the whole machine spare parts for one month. The original purchased full warranty service or extended warranty service period will also be extended for one month free. The agricultural UAV, which is completely self-developed, will fully embody its advantages in this epidemic prevention and killing.

The companys decision-making and first mover are like two rivers. Although they originate from each other, they quickly converge and become a force of science and technology.

Zhu Beibei and other pilots, rush in front, the companys guarantee in the back. In this mission, the UAV broke down, and the company packed accessories. If it broke, all the accessories would be replaced.

Pilots from all over the country contribute their skills and expertise, and the company provides them with security. This is the first time that the troops and horses move first, and the food and grass immediately follow.

The picture shows the new farmer, Zhu Beibei

How to evaluate such public welfare activities?

The most common donation for public welfare is blood transfusion, which has a high demand for the management ability of public welfare organizations, especially in the face of sudden disasters and epidemics. I believe that enterprises should be encouraged to invest their expertise in public welfare activities. Enterprises invest in their own strengths, which can be more powerful and effective in fighting against the epidemic.

An enterprise is not a charity, but a profit-making organization. Its ability has been tempered by commercial competition and tested by the invisible hand of the market. This type of public welfare is innovative, which is the most worthy of praise among all public welfare activities. Let everyone involved in public welfare compare not financial resources, but ability and wisdom.

On February 1, 2020, the research center of medical equipment and application technology of China Agricultural University provided technical guidance and support for agricultural UAV in epidemic prevention and killing. The full name of the document is suggestions on application technology and equipment of rural disinfectant.

The anti epidemic and anti killing public welfare activities of agricultural UAVs are under way, and there is no way to comprehensively evaluate the effect. It is also expected that the summary and evaluation of actions can be released in time after the activities are completed, so as to promote the public welfare actions of science and technology enterprises, and step further towards transparency and openness.

Finally, he would like to advise and Zhu Beibei, as well as the flying hands, to abide by the suggestions that the operators should wash their hands, face and body after each shift, change their clothes, and pay attention to personal safety and health protection at any time.

The sun shines on the city and the countryside, the sky will be bright, and life will be open for all healthy lives. At this moment, the voice of all things converges on the land of China. Agricultural drones fly high and light. They can see cooking smoke and land. It needs to sprinkle all the potions in the medicine box, and it needs to sing all the songs in its heart. (this article was interviewed and recorded by the dear data team to ensure the authenticity of the story.) Author of this paper: Tan Jing, source of this paper: Hu olfactory app, editor in charge: Liao ziyao, Niu nbjs10040

The sun shines on the city and the countryside, the sky will be bright, and life will be open for all healthy lives.

At this moment, the voice of all things converges on the land of China.

It needs to sprinkle all the potions in the medicine box, and it needs to sing all the songs in its heart.

(this article was interviewed and recorded by the dear data team to ensure the authenticity of the story.)

Author: Tan Jing