770000 users in arrears without power failure! 6. Central enterprises promise that they will not stop paying for epidemic prevention

 770000 users in arrears without power failure! 6. Central enterprises promise that they will not stop paying for epidemic prevention

During the epidemic prevention and control period, three major telecom operators, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, launched services such as no downtime and slow downtime to ensure the normal communication between the front-line personnel and users in the high epidemic area, and actively assisted the relevant government departments to send free public information messages about the epidemic, with a total of 1.1695 million people free of downtime and 1.748 billion people slow downtime, and launched 10 online services in total Measures to facilitate the peoples livelihood.

China Telecom:

As of 12:00 on February 2, China Telecom has opened 477000 special downtime free services for the prevention and control command, medical and other important personnel in 21 provinces, including more than 1000 personnel numbers of 77 medical teams in each province, and the downtime free period is dynamically adjusted with the progress of epidemic prevention and control; the corresponding downtime free services have been opened for 620 million users of various types of mobile phones, fixed lines, broadband, government enterprise special lines, Tianyi cloud and other users B. the deadline is February 9. On this basis, China Telecom also launched three free services: first, free opening of Tianyi cloud meeting for national epidemic prevention and control related work units, which can launch 100 square meetings, unlimited times and duration; second, free providing calling card service for epidemic prevention hotlines around the world to ensure quick connection in the first time; third, free providing Tianyi ultra high definition, Tianyi cloud VR and Tianyi to users across the network Cloud game products.

China Unicom:

As of February 1, China Unicom had suspended 297.9 million users in 29 provinces (districts and cities) for a period up to February 9 to fully meet the communication needs of users in key areas of epidemic prevention and disaster relief; each of the 645 Unicom users who went to Hubei Medical staff was given 520 yuan of telephone charges, a total of 335900 yuan of free service, and 24 provincial branches also directly reduced the number of medical staff going to Hubei Free of communication fee in Hubei Province; 149431 directional traffic and 126187 video business members are presented to Hubei users. In response to the epidemic, China Unicom launched three convenient services: first, providing nationwide non local business processing services and reducing the flow of people. From January 20 to 29, online mobile phones and Internet offices inquired 1.45 billion times, handling 5.1 million business transactions and paying 31.187 million fees; second, free epidemic emergency command and control was launched, and through IPTV Set-top boxes, the deployment of epidemic prevention work was promoted directly to villages and communities to support remote meetings More than 4500 sessions were discussed; third, IPTV and 5g video free viewing activities were carried out. From January 20 to February 1, 40.52 million families and 133 million users across the country used IPTV, with a daily live broadcast time of 153 million hours and an on-demand time of 96 million hours.

China Mobile:

By the noon of February 2, the communication fee of 6535 medical staff participating in epidemic prevention and control had been reduced, and the service of no downtime had been opened for 686000 epidemic prevention commanders, front-line medical staff, etc.; the service of delayed downtime or emergency recovery had been opened for 830 million mobile phone, broadband, government and enterprise customers, with the deadline of February 9. China Mobile has launched epidemic prevention and control communication support services in 31 provinces in the mainland. It has invested 30520 emergency support personnel, 15000 customer representatives of 10086 hotline service, 8214 emergency vehicles, and sent more than 8 billion public service messages free of charge. At present, it continues to optimize and launch four online service measures: first, integrate and improve the convenience service area, and provide online payment query and business In January, we handled online services for 157 million users. Second, we conscientiously fulfilled our social responsibilities and provided information on epidemic situation and inquiry service on prevention and control knowledge. Third, we provided free command and dispatching, remote consultation, remote meeting, free of charge to governments at all levels, medical institutions, transportation and other units Medical information publicity, information transmission and other services; fourth, a number of free experience activities of new business with characteristics are carried out for individual users across the country.

Two state-owned power enterprises: 770000 users in arrears without power failure!

The State Grid and China Southern Power Grid have taken urgent actions to strengthen equipment maintenance and special inspection of lines, so as to ensure the safe supply of electricity for the people. In response to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, the two major power grid enterprises took measures such as no power outage due to arrears, and opened 24 online services throughout the country, making every effort to ensure the safe and reliable use of electricity by the people across the country.

State Grid: 770000 users are in arrears without power failure, and 15900 key units for epidemic prevention and control are guaranteed to use electricity

As of February 1, all units of State Grid Corporation of China have invested 82892 power maintenance personnel, 20103 vehicles, 1045 emergency power generation vehicles and 3334 generators to ensure power supply for 2314 designated hospitals, 6888 fever clinics, 1357 production enterprises of prevention and control supplies, and 5048 other important users, with normal power supply and no power outage. State Grid Hubei company dispatched 1701 power maintenance personnel, 636 vehicles and 61 power generation trams to provide power for 153 designated hospitals, 562 fever clinics, 94 production enterprises of prevention and control supplies and 316 other important municipal users. Among them, Wuhan company dispatched 157 power protection personnel, 48 vehicles and 38 power generation vehicles, ensuring reliable power supply for 33 designated hospitals, 61 fever clinics, 23 production enterprises of prevention and control supplies and 47 key guarantee units. During the epidemic prevention and control period, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) took the measures of non-stop payment for residential electricity customers. As of 24:00 on January 31, about 770000 users in Hubei Province were in non-stop payment, including about 500000 in Wuhan and about 270000 in other cities.

At the same time, in order to facilitate customers online payment at home and reduce the risk of virus cross infection, State Grid launched two online convenience measures: first, State Grid customer service center increased publicity and reminded more customers to handle various online power supply businesses. At present, the online business flow within the whole network is smooth, giving priority to customer service in Hubei, especially in Wuhan. Second, the online state grid app provides customers with 7 u00d7 24-hour online electricity service. The cumulative number of registered users of the online state grid app has exceeded 29 million. From January 24 to February 1, the number of online customer service work orders has exceeded 60000 and the payment has exceeded 940000.

China Southern Power Grid: do not go out during the epidemic prevention and control period, and do 22 business at the fingertips

During the epidemic prevention and control period, all units of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, in combination with the actual situation, implemented the measures of non-stop payment for residential electricity customers and key users related to epidemic prevention, at the same time, launched the one key online service processing, etc., to ensure that customers can handle 22 business online without leaving home. Guangdong power grid implements the measure of no power cut for arrears until February 29, 2020, and no liquidated damages will be calculated during the period of February in January. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureaus measures of no power cut for arrears are effective from January 31 to zero on March 1, 2020, and no liquidated damages will be calculated for the electricity charges recorded in January and February before March 1. During the period when Guangxi Power Grid Corporation, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation, Guizhou Power Grid Corporation and Hainan Power Grid Corporation made clear the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the resident customers in the service areas under the jurisdiction of the whole province took the measures of no power failure due to arrears, and Guangxi Power Grid Corporation paid no liquidated damages for the power charges in January before February 29.

China Resources Gas: 1.47 million users of natural gas in 18 cities of Hubei Province

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});}) (); gas supply is related to the normal life of thousands of households. China Resources gas is responsible for the natural gas supply of 1.47 million users in 18 cities in Hubei, including Wuhan, Xiangyang and Qianjiang. 58 stations, 17 gate stations, 56 high and medium pressure regulating stations and 4 LNG storage and distribution stations of China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province are all in normal operation; during the epidemic, 17 gas stations are in operation, 16 business halls are in normal operation, and the customer service hotline is open 24 hours a day. As of February 2, China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. has received more than 7500 businesses during the Spring Festival in Wuhan. At the same time, China Resources Gas launched three service improvement measures: first, 38 sets of capture and payment equipment were added in the community, so that users could run less and complete gas payment nearby; second, the gas stations in each region implemented a 24-hour duty system, actively responded to emergencies, and handled more than 1760 indoor air leakage and maintenance businesses. Third, actively communicate with the gas source units, balance the scheduling, stabilize the upstream gas supply balance, and implement 24-hour supply guarantee for the public health institutions of the hospital. Source: beiqing.com Beijing Youth Daily Author: Zhao Xinpei editor in charge: Wang Hailu, na1702