The unveiling of the US 2020 election: the Democratic Partys race for re-election

 The unveiling of the US 2020 election: the Democratic Partys race for re-election

At present, President trump of the United States is seeking re-election, and it is difficult for challengers in the Republican Party to pose a threat to him, so trump should have no suspense to become a Republican presidential candidate. On the Democratic side, there are still 11 candidates, seven of whom are in the Iowa primary, despite the withdrawal of several candidates in the past few months. As a result, the fierce competition and fighting within the Democratic Party became the focus of the Iowa caucus meeting.

On February 1, Biden, a former vice president and Democrat of the United States, addressed the campaign in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Xinhua News Agency

The Democratic Partys four powers fight for supremacy

Seven Democratic Party candidates in Iowas primary include Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete puttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy u00b7Amy Klobuchar, Chinese entrepreneur Andrew Yang and former hedge fund investor Tom Steyer.

Among them, Sanders, Biden, Warren and butigig are currently in the lead among all the candidates. However, the results of the polls conducted by different institutions before the election are different, and more than half of the voters in Iowa have not yet decided the final support object, which makes it extremely difficult to predict the election situation in Iowa.

Just two days before the Iowa caucus meeting, the local media, the Des Moines chronicle, CNN and Selzer, the pollster, cancelled the last poll scheduled to be released on the evening of February 1. The reason is that there are concerns about the fact that the name of butigig was not listed in the poll.

However, according to a CNN poll released on January 22, Sanders ranked first with an average approval rate of 27%, Biden ranked second with 24%, Warren ranked third with 14%, and butigig ranked fourth with 11%.

According to another poll released by Emerson College on February 2, Sanders approval rate is 28%, and Bidens approval rate is 7% behind Sanders by 21%. Butigig and Warren ranked third and fourth with 15% and 14% respectively.

Sanders supporters.

According to a pre election poll released by Monmouth University on January 29, Biden led with 23% approval, while Sanders lagged Biden with 21%. Butigigs approval rating was 16% and Warrens was fourth with 15%.

In addition, another poll released on January 30 by David binder research showed that butijger was in the lead. According to the results of the poll, before the Iowa caucus meeting, 19% of the respondents indicated that they were determined or inclined to vote for butiquig, and 17% were determined or inclined to vote for sanders. Biden and Warren tied for third place with 15%.

Combined with various polls, Sanders leads in at least two polls, with a relatively good selection. At the Iowa caucus meeting four years ago, Sanders narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton. In addition, Sanders is currently ahead of other Democratic candidates in New Hampshire. Next Tuesday, New Hampshire will also have its primary.

Although Biden is slightly ahead of Sanders in the national polls, it is slightly behind Sanders in Iowa. However, compared with sanders and Warren, Biden did not have to spend time in Trumps impeachment trial. Sanders, Warren and klobucher are senators of Congress. They had to spend a lot of time in Washington to participate in trump impeachment trial, and their campaign in Iowa was greatly affected.

However, Bidens campaign is currently facing serious financial problems. According to the financial report of the candidates as of the end of 2019 released on January 31, CNN reported that although Bidens fund-raising increased significantly to US $23.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, the money had almost been spent by him, leaving Biden with less than US $9 million of reserve funds before the opening war in Iowa, far lower than sanders (18.2 million) and Warren (13.7 million).

As a result, Biden is not only fighting for votes in Iowa, but also for more donations. The New York Times pointed out that his poor performance in Iowa could affect his fundraising prospects. Super Tuesday, March 3, will be a day when 14 states will hold primary elections at the same time, with high campaign and advertising costs.

Trump plays high profile

Compared with the fierce fighting among Democratic candidates, trump has little competitive pressure in the party. Trump announced his re-election as soon as he took office in January 2017. In February 2019, the Republican National Committee voted to fully support Trumps re-election campaign. Since then, at least seven states have cancelled their Republican caucuses.

At present, trump has two primary opponents in the Republican Party, former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Governor Bill weld, who pose little threat to trump.

In addition, on Friday (January 31), the U.S. Senate voted against a motion by Democrats to impeach trump so that witnesses and new evidence will not be called. The Senate will hold a final vote on impeachment on Wednesday (February 5), and trump is almost certain to be acquitted by the Republican led Senate.

But trump, who is not willing to be lonely, did not give up the stage of the Iowa caucus meeting. Just four days before the Iowa caucus, trump held a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on the evening of January 30. On his way to Iowa, four Democratic candidates, including sanders and Warren, were trapped in Washington because of impeachment proceedings.

The Capitol Hill newspaper reported that Trumps campaign rally at Drake University Campus in Des Moines attracted more than 7000 supporters, almost double the number of people who had been gathered by Sanders in Cedar Rapids on February 1. Sanders campaign claims the rally was the largest of all Democratic candidates recent events in the state.

On February 3, Trumps campaign team also held a high-level campaign in Iowa. Members of the trump administration, including Betsy DeVos, Minister of education, Ben Carson, Minister of housing and urban development, Wilbur Ross, Minister of Commerce, and David Bernhardt, Minister of the interior, will all go to the campaign, the Capitol Hill newspaper reported.

In addition, two of Trumps key supporters in the house of Representatives, Ohio Republican representative Jim Jordan and North Carolina Republican representative mark meadows, as well as Trumps two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric trump Jr., will also travel to Iowa to attend the campaign Move.

The Capitol Hill newspaper pointed out that trump did not face substantive challenges, but he still campaigned vigorously, not to ensure the strong performance of the Republican Party in the party caucus meeting, or to avoid letting the Democratic Party alone attract public attention in the play.

The U.S. Senate, which is trying the impeachment case of U.S. President trump, heard the summary statement of both sides on the 3rd local time. The Senate will vote on the impeachment clause Friday to determine whether trump will be convicted and removed.