Eggshell: some landlords support the increase of rent free period tenants can apply for rent refund

 Eggshell: some landlords support the increase of rent free period tenants can apply for rent refund

It is reported that the returned amount can be used to offset the bill fees in the eggshell app, such as house service fee, maintenance fee, water, electricity and gas cost (not self paid), rent (except for monthly installment payment) and down payment for renewal.

Previously, a landlord posted on the consumer service platform black cat complaint that the eggshell apartment unilaterally requested to increase the rent free period of one month and not pay the landlords three-month rent due to the epidemic.

In this regard, eggshell apartment related people did not give a positive response.

However, in a press release released on the same day, eggshell apartment said that during the Spring Festival, the company began to contact the landlord for a certain rent free period, and received the love and support of some landlords. Eggshell apartment, through its own platform advantages, uses the love support of the landlord to help as many tenants get through the difficulties as possible. In addition to the above-mentioned rent return policy for renters, egg shell apartments have also launched preferential activities for new renters, such as free living of 0 yuan per month and 50% off for the first month.

Eggshell apartment said that some false information on the Internet in the near future is rumors and slander. During the epidemic, spreading these comments has a very bad impact on social stability, causing great harm to the people, industry and enterprises. Routine landlords and broken capital chain have not only damaged the brand reputation of eggshell apartments, but also hurt the feelings of eggshell employees who stick to their jobs to serve medical staff and tenants during the Spring Festival. Therefore, eggshell apartments will resolutely resort to legal means to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Source: surging news editor: Zhang Meiyu nf2100