Russian Deputy Defense Chief: S-500 air defense missile system can be delivered to Russian army within the year

 Russian Deputy Defense Chief: S-500 air defense missile system can be delivered to Russian army within the year

Recently, media reported that the latest generation of S500 air defense missile developed by Russia has been tested many times, and in one test, it hit a target 481 km away.

Previously, the deputy commander in chief of the Russian Air Force said that the Russian army would deploy the S500 long-range air defense missile system by 2020.

Compared with the existing air defense missiles, the S500 missile can not only attack all kinds of fighters and cruise missiles, but also intercept ballistic missiles, low orbit satellites and hypersonic weapons.

In this respect, the performance of the S500 missile is comparable to the Sade missile developed by the United States. Therefore, the S500 missile is called the air shield of Russian territory.

It can be seen from the public information that the maximum range of the S500 missile is more than 500 km. To develop such a long-distance air defense missile, it is necessary to equip a high-performance radar system with performance matching it.

The Russian S500 missile is equipped with X-band active phased array radar. Its performance is the same as that of the U.S. Sade missile system, with a detection distance of up to 800 kilometers. In addition, it can lock 10 air targets at the same time and launch intercepting operations according to different degrees of danger.

At present, there is not much public information about the S500 missile. After all, Russia is still in the final stage of development and testing of the missile, and many data circulated on the Internet are not reliable.

However, it can be basically determined that many of the performance of the S500 is directly related to the Sade missile system developed by the United States. In this respect, we can also clearly know what the specific purpose of the S500 is.

The reason why Russia developed the S500 missile is that in the 1990s, Russia realized that the U.S. air and space offensive force has posed a serious threat to Russias air and space security.

Therefore, since 2005, Russia has decided to develop a new generation of S500 missile with longer range and stronger combat capability on the basis of S400 missile, so as to enable Russia to acquire air-to-air defense capability.

After years of development, the Russian S500 has basically completed the main research and development work. At present, the officers and soldiers of the Russian Aerospace force have begun to receive training in the Zhukov Aerospace Defense Institute, indicating that Russia will receive the S500 missile by 2020, which is not an empty talk.

At present, China has obtained the first batch of S400 air defense missile system introduced from Russia. Some military fans say that they do not rule out the possibility of continuing to introduce S500 missiles in the future.

But will China really import the missile from Russia?

Some experts said that the S500 missile has not completed all tests, and there are few open technical information, so it is too early to discuss whether to introduce it in this case.

CG diagram of S500 missile.

CG diagram of S500 missile.

CG diagram of S500 missile.

CG diagram of S500 missile.