Margaret Coulter: refusing to be politically correct

 Margaret Coulter: refusing to be politically correct

Half a century ago, 1969 and 1970 were undoubtedly the most brilliant two years in the history of Australian tennis. During this period, Rod Laver and Margaret Coulter successively created the first record of full slam of the year in the era of mens and womens tennis open. 50 years later, at the opening of the Australian Open in 2019, the Australian Open official held the 50th anniversary ceremony of the Grand Slam for laver. In the arena named after him, Ravel, who was already white haired, took over the dazzling special trophy from Djokovic, the worlds first player at that time, and there was warm applause.

A year later, on January 27, the Australian Tennis Association held a memorial ceremony for the 24th Grand Slam champion at Margaret court. But Margaret Coulter herself was not scheduled to speak. Before that, they had made it clear that we recognize what she did in 1970, but we will not celebrate this person.

Margaret cotter at this years Australian Open Ceremony

Its not that cotters achievements dont deserve such a grand celebration - otherwise, Australian Open officials wont name their sub center stadium Margaret cotters Stadium in 2003. On the contrary, throughout the history of tennis, there are only a handful of players who can stand side by side with Coulter in court dominance. Apart from her, no player, male or female, has ever been able to win 24 singles Grand Slam titles. So far, coulter is still one of only three women players who can win four Grand Slams in a natural year. Even after the opening of the open years, cotters overall winning rate of 91.37% and the final winning rate of 91.7% are still unmatched.

What really makes people frown when talking about the famous actress is a series of controversial comments after she hung up the photo. A series of anti homosexual comments made by Coulter after her retirement have become an important reason, most of the time, even the only one, for her to make headlines in the media long after she left the arena.

Is homosexuality the devil?

In cotters view, homosexuality is the devil, womens tennis full of lesbians, and they destroy the sport.. In 1990, for navratinova, who was announced as early as 1981, coulter made such comments: she is very good as a player, but I would like to see a top player who can serve as an example for young players. Its sad that children are exposed to homosexuality. Martina (navratinova) is a good person, but she has gone astray in her life.

With the movement of equal rights of homosexuals getting more and more popular, there are more and more voices for the same-sex marriage. In 2012, he publicly claimed that the federal governments proposal on same-sex marriage legalizes the same-sex behaviors that God hates.

The same-sex family of delaquel

Coulters passion for speaking on this issue has not died out. In 2013, coulter wielded the hammer of words and smashed her compatriot and personal friend, draquil. At that time, delaquiel just announced the birth of her first child and that of her same-sex girlfriend Judd. She was in the joy of becoming a new mother. But Coulter wrote a lament: it seems that this child has been deprived of her father, which makes me very sad. In 2017, couter made even more jaw dropping remarks in a radio address. For LGBTQ (sexual minorities, including homosexuals, bisexuals, etc.) to become more and more popular among young people, she mercilessly compared it to Hitlers behavior.

Even after accepting the invitation of the Australian Open organizing committee and going to Melbourne Park to attend the memorial ceremony, coulter is still open fire, regardless of his comments, which may bring security pressure to the Australian Open organizing committee. In a sermon at the end of 2019, coulter accused transgender people of violating Gods will: LGBTQ is a masterpiece of devil, learning Let children identify with these groups in school. They are controlled by demons. Read the first two chapters of Genesis. Thats what I want to say, men and women.

Navratinova has long been open about sexual orientation

Under the background that openness and inclusiveness have gradually become part of the mainstream values of the society, a series of statements that run counter to them have been followed by some people, but more from all sides. The criticism on the proposal of same-sex marriage by Corte has aroused the dissatisfaction of quite a number of people. Activists gathered people to raise the rainbow flag to protest at the Marguerite Corte arena, and for the first time, the request to remove Marguerite Corte from the name of the arena received large-scale support. In 2013, Cortes slander on draguire made the latter helpless on twitter Write: Marguerite, enough is enough. Before the Australian Open in 2018, the unbearable Billy Jane king also came out and called for the Australian Open to replace the name of the Sub Center Stadium: I think if its about indigenous people, Jews or other people, I cant imagine that the public can accept whats named after her.

You know, at first, lady Kim was one of the strongest supporters when people were discussing whether it was appropriate to use Margaret court as the name of the stadium.

However, Australian Open officials, who invited to the 50th anniversary of the event, had to make a statement to express their position: we dont agree with Margarets personal views. Her views have derogated and hurt many members of our community over the years, which are inconsistent with our values of equality, diversity and inclusiveness.

The rainbow clan that Margaret Coulter hated

Does God endorse her?

Couter, who can enjoy his retirement life by virtue of his position in the tennis world, why does he ignore the publics feeling of going deep into the minefield again and again, even at the expense of hurting his peers and respecting his younger generation? It seems to start with her affinity with God.

It turns out that when couter left the professional arena in 1977 with her unprecedented tennis achievements, she could not live a relaxed and comfortable life as she wished. She needed to take care of the pressure of four children at the same time to make her breathless, and many physical problems such as postpartum depression, heart disease and insomnia came to her door. At this time, it was God who let her get out of this dilemma. In the second year of Biblical school, my heart problems and depression were completely cured, and my life changed in all aspects, according to Kotter

Margaret coulter and her husband and children

After graduating from Bible School in 1983, he became more active in his faith. In 1991, she officially became a pastor, and four years later, she built a church in Perth called the center of victorious life. Up to now, he still works as a priest, sparing no effort to spread religious influence.

Once described by her contemporaries, Nancy Ritchie (the former worlds second and second time Grand Slam winner) as shy enough to have a rash when speaking in public, with God endorsing himself, he seems to have the courage to fight anyone. As she said in 2011, my speech is like pulling a grenade and throwing it into a room full of people. But every time her words explode in the crowd, killing people who cant get away from her, coulter will ask God to find a reason for her actions. In 2012, in the face of possible protests, coulter responded: I actually have love for homosexuals. I dont mean anything to them. Its just my opinion. Its written in the Bible The Bible will always be my guide to life. I believe that marriage is only a matter of men and women.

Two of the biggest players in the world of tennis, sunafratinova and McEnroe, have protested to change the name of Margaret court


Its hard to say whether cotter was hiding behind the Bible as navratinova once said, or whether he was a devout and courageous Christian in order to stick to his faith and not be afraid of what she said. But there is no doubt that her words did harm to the targets (homosexuals and transgenders) she bombarded, and its a further step And more innocent children (imagine how children raised in gay families can face the criticism of their parents from Coulter?) And this is what Kotter stressed that it is hard to make up for more times of love and God. Whats more, as early as before she joined faith, she had some questionable practices.

In 1970, Billy Jane king, together with eight other women players, set up a new competition called virgin tobacco Tour to fight against the huge income gap between men and women at that time. The group eventually became the influential international womens Tennis Association (WTA) and won great rights and interests for the later women players, but Kotter was not one of the nine players in the first place.

This is not because Kotter regards his interests as dirt. Three years later, in 1973, driven by a huge bonus, Kotter took part in a gender war before Billy Jane king. He was embarrassed to encounter the 6-2, 6-1 sweep of 55 year old Bobby Riggs, which made the womens tennis that had been questioned even more mired in the mud. If it wasnt for Billy Jane king to come out four months later and beat Riggs 6-4, 6-3 and 6-3 straight score, Im afraid that until now, the womens net would still stagnate in the era when the income is hard to see the mens net neck back - just like most womens events today.

In 1971, when Coulters doubles partner, gulagon, might not have been able to compete in the apartheid South Africa because of his native origin, coulter could have made her position clear by giving up the competition, but she did not do so and insisted on going to the South Africa open to defend her title. In fact, the year before, she praised South Africas notorious racial policy: in this regard, South Africa is more organized than any other country, especially the United States. I love South Africa, and Im willing to go back there at any time.

Guardian of the old order?

Perhaps, Kotter is more suitable to be regarded as a stubborn order guardian. Any challenge to the old rules will be regarded as a violation of his comfort zone. Thats why shes silent at some point, and fierce at others.

Up to now, it seems that couter still doesnt understand why so many people choose to cross the net with her, so that her colorful sports career has been cast a shadow. In her opinion, what she has been doing is the right thing, but the young people cant understand it now, and this should not affect her judgment as an athlete.

But what she may not expect is that we will be willing to regard a person as an idol and a benchmark, and become a follower of TA, not only because of his achievements, but also because we can find the projection of his / her ideal image, as well as spiritual guidance in a sense. And thats what many people cant see in todays coulter.