Six securities companies of A-share crisis: where is the bottom? These stocks were killed by mistake

 Six securities companies of A-share crisis: where is the bottom? These stocks were killed by mistake

For the aftermarket, major securities companies interpret it quickly.

Southwest Securities believes that the market will have a process of volume reduction and then volume reduction before it can really reach the bottom. According to founders strategy analysis, the market will be restrained first and then promoted, and actively layout the growth industry. In terms of investment suggestions, TMT industry, pharmaceutical sector, etc. are warmly welcomed by securities companies.

Guoxin Securities: looking for high-quality companies killed by mistake

The negative impact of the epidemic on Chinas economy will soon be reversed as the virus subsides.

Southwest Securities: a high-quality target

Southwest Securities said that although the market decline was not small, the industry stocks with their own endogenous growth logic and less impacted by the epidemic still performed strongly. From the perspective of strong industry stocks, the differentiation is also very obvious: in the pharmaceutical stocks, the performance of the leader is weaker than that of the industry; in the non pharmaceutical industries, the performance of the leader is stronger than that of the industry.

Although the epidemic has brought impact to the market, it is also a touchstone. With its own logic and long-term development space, the target is still the direction of long-term capital distribution in the market.

As for where the market bottom is, Zhu bin of Southwest strategy thinks that the market will have a process of large volume and then reduction, so that it can really see the bottom.

In terms of investment suggestions, the long-term logic of medicine, electronics and computers is still worthy of layout. Some high-quality targets, such as Shennan circuit, Shengyi Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., Zhaoyi innovation, Shunwang technology, UFIDA network, Zhongke Shuguang, Jiecheng Co., Ltd., Youzu network, Langchao information, Shiyuan Co., Ltd., Zhongke Shuguang, etc., are worthy of attention.

Changjiang Securities: opportunities for short-term adjustment in the medium term

Changjiang Securities pointed out that this round of epidemic spread faster than the previous market expectations, capital market needs to digest in the short term, but maintain confidence in the medium-term trend. The economy and market may be under pressure in the short term, but may not change the long-term trend. The medium and long-term logic of A-share market has not been affected.

Two main lines of short-term recommendation: industries with less impact on fundamentals such as environmental protection, medicine and computer, industries with improved industry logic, and some technology sectors with performance support such as new energy vehicles, 5g and games.

Bank of China International Securities: there is still pressure to adjust in the short term to grasp the main line of the year

BOCI believes that the downward pressure accumulated by the market during the Spring Festival is released in a centralized way, but the lack of chips and the unpredictable development of the epidemic lead to adjustment pressure in the short term.

From the perspective of the year, seize the trend opportunities brought by the prosperity of the science and technology industry, and the performance of creating blue chip comparative advantage is expected to become the epitome of the whole year.

The logic behind the main line of science and technology is economic transformation, domestic substitution and global industry boom. The downstream demand of new smart phones, smart wearable devices, semiconductors and new energy vehicles is less related to the epidemic, and the trend of industry boom is more stable.

Founder Securities: first restrain and then raise golden pit

According to founders strategy analysis, the market will be restrained first and then promoted, and actively layout the growth industry.

The short-term epidemic affects economic growth expectation and risk preference. After the spread of the epidemic, the groups concerns increased, the market risk preference decreased, and A-share will make up the decline to some extent after the festival. The medium-term dimension is firmly optimistic about growth. The core logic of growth lies in the spillover effect of industrial cycle and pre order monetary easing. At present, this process is not over yet. The macro level disturbance may lead to a golden pit after the event.

In the short term, the industry configuration can focus on three categories: first, the acceleration of TMT industry, including online education, online medical treatment and game related chains; second, the major health industry, including medical biology, medical devices and medical services, which are highly related to the whole epidemic; third, environmental monitoring and governance, as well as new energy. In the whole first quarter, the layout grew, and several sub areas in the growth, such as games, communication equipment, and autonomous control of computers in electronics and media, were worthy of attention.

Anxin Securities: a new starting point for the crisis in Tibet

The impact of the epidemic on catering tourism hotel and other service industries is obvious and direct, and the first quarter report performance of related listed companies is expected to be greatly affected. Referring to the official information and the time axis of SARS, and according to the criteria of the members of the expert group of the National Health Commission, if the epidemic can be effectively controlled in this year (February March), it is expected that the consumption demand for tourism services and other consumer services in the second half of the year (or July August) will be expected to pick up marginally.

During the special period of the epidemic, the e-commerce sector is expected to catalyze, focusing on one network, one creation, worth buying, Antarctic e-commerce, Suning e-commerce, pinduoduo, etc.