There are takeout boys who have been delivering meals before they get sick. Only in this way can takeout be safe!

 There are takeout boys who have been delivering meals before they get sick. Only in this way can takeout be safe!

At present, the house at home is particularly important for epidemic prevention and control. Many people will order a take out at home. But the case that the takeout was diagnosed just now makes people worry about ordering more. Should take away orders be reduced? What should be paid attention to when ordering takeout?

However, Zhang Liubo, chief expert of disinfection science of China CDC, said in an interview with the media that the main route of transmission of the virus is through respiratory tract and droplets, and the risk of direct transmission through food is relatively small. So far, there is no clear evidence that the virus is transmitted through takeout and express delivery.

2) It is recommended to select merchants that support official delivery personnel, such as hummingbird delivery, meituan delivery, etc. These platforms regularly check the health of the official delivery staff and disinfect the delivery vehicles and boxes. In the face of the epidemic, the platform will also require the delivery personnel to wear masks.

3) Try to choose hot food and avoid cold food. As we all know, the virus is difficult to survive in high temperature, heating can reduce the virus.

4) Wear a mask when picking up the meal to avoid direct contact with the takeout personnel. The takeout personnel can put the food at the door and take it into the house after they leave. It is understood that the contactless delivery standard has been adopted for the major takeout platforms. Users and distributors agree on the place where the food is placed, including in the pick-up cabinet. Users can pick up the food by themselves.

4) After taking the takeout into the house, remove the outer packing and wash hands in time.

5) After removing the external packaging, the packaging of the internal goods to be sold should be wiped and disinfected with disinfectant wipes, alcohol cotton, etc., and then washed.

6) If you can, use the microwave oven or other kitchenware at home to reheat. Because coronavirus is very sensitive to heat, it is difficult to survive in high temperature.

Zhong Nanshan, group leader of the scientific research expert group on the working mechanism of joint prevention and control of new coronavirus infected pneumonia, recently judged that the current epidemic situation is still in the rising stage, and it may peak in the next 10-14 days. Therefore, if possible, try to reduce takeout ordering, reduce contact with the uncertain environment outside, and do a good job of protection.