Why are two cases of no Hubei contact history missing in Shanghai? Official response

 Why are two cases of no Hubei contact history missing in Shanghai? Official response

At the same time, the disease control experts reminded that when the medical and health institutions arrange the investigation, they should ask the relevant personnel to cooperate to tell the truth, to tell the truth, and not to conceal the places they have been and the people they have contacted, which are very important for the follow-up control of the epidemic development.

The emergence of 7-month-old children has affected the hearts of many citizens. What is the proportion of children in the existing confirmed cases? Zeng Mei, chief physician of the Department of infectious diseases, affiliated pediatric hospital of Fudan University, told reporters that from the current number of cases, the majority of cases are still adult cases, and the proportion of children cases is very small. Most of children cases have a clear exposure history (confirmed cases at home) or come from epidemic areas.

Zeng Mei said that since there is no specific antiviral drug for the new coronavirus infection at present, the treatment for children is mainly symptomatic, that is, antipyretics are used for fever, cough drugs are used when cough is obvious, Chinese patent medicines can be taken orally according to the situation of children, do not blindly use antibiotics, and antibiotics are used when combined with bacterial infection.

What are the differences between child protection and adult protection? Zeng Mei explained that adults should take the initiative to wear masks, and babies cant do it, which puts forward higher requirements for the isolation of family members and medical staff. Family members should pay special attention to life protection, not too close contact with children. They should wear gloves when dealing with childrens diapers, defecation, etc. the room should be kept clean, fresh air and proper temperature. When playing with children, they must wash hands carefully, avoid sharing water cups and towels, and regularly disinfect the playing equipment to prevent possible virus infection.

Two cases with no contact history of Hubei in Shanghai

In the afternoon of February 3, information released by the Shanghai municipal government press conference showed that of the 203 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia confirmed so far in Shanghai, 115 had a history of living or traveling in Hubei, 8 had a history of living or traveling outside Hubei, and 80 had a history of contact with related cases.