Editorial: dont fall into trouble when China is in temporary difficulties

 Editorial: dont fall into trouble when China is in temporary difficulties

Who highly praised Chinas measures. So far, only one person has died outside China. We have reason to ask the United States to show more respect for Chinas great efforts and sacrifices to fight this disaster.

In 2009, H1N1 influenza hit the world, and the United States was one of the first outbreaks. That disaster killed about 284000 people around the world. Who also announced that the influenza was a public health emergency of international concern. But at that time, the United States did not take very strong control measures, which caused the flu to spread all over the world.

According to the latest US media reports, 2019-2020 is one of the most serious flu seasons in the US in 10 years. At least 19 million people in the United States have been infected with the flu so far, and at least 10000 people have died, including at least 68 children, according to the latest CDC report. In addition, at least 180000 people were hospitalized for flu related complications. Some American media have compared that the harm of influenza in the United States this season is far higher than that of pneumonia in China.

At present, peoples understanding of the new crown pneumonia is still in its infancy. The Chinese government has taken effective measures to curb its spread in a highly responsible attitude towards peoples lives, so as to benefit the whole world. So far, there are only more than 100 people infected with new crown pneumonia in the world outside the mainland of China. American politicians should resist the impulse to attack China with the new crown pneumonia crisis. They should know that such a fall is disgraceful no matter what social moral standards.

There is no doubt that the new coronavirus will hurt Chinas economy, but on January 30, U.S. Commerce Secretary rose said publicly that the new coronavirus will help speed up the flow back to North America of jobs. Its also immoral. Do some people in America want to take advantage of others? The worlds only superpower will not be able to revive manufacturing only in this way, let itself be great again.

It is important that this disaster will pass. 17 years ago, during the SARS epidemic, many people failed in China, but what happened? No one should underestimate Chinas ability to fight the public health crisis. Since we can take measures that many countries cannot take in the crisis, we can quickly recover our vitality and tension after the crisis. I hope that some countries will not be too short-sighted and do not do anything to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people when China is in temporary difficulties.