What about masks or not? How to solve the return tide traffic? Six ministries responded

 What about masks or not? How to solve the return tide traffic? Six ministries responded

At present, the capacity of nucleic acid detection reagents has basically recovered. The overall production capacity of the country is more than 20 million masks per day, which is the largest in the world. On the whole, the ability to guarantee supply is enough, but it needs a recovery time.

How to solve the shortage of masks? National Development and Reform Commission: increase supply, suggest scientific and reasonable use

Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission: we are going all out to increase production and expand capacity. Many enterprises are worried about overcapacity in the future. We have made it clear that after the outbreak, the government will collect and store the surplus production.

In terms of use, scientific and reasonable use is also crucial. Use on demand, use according to function, avoid overuse, especially for general protection, do not occupy precious medical resources.

How to curb the bid up of prices and the reluctance to sell goods? General Administration of market supervision: make epidemic finance and fight it as soon as it appears

Gan Lin, deputy director of the State Administration of market supervision: yesterday, the State Administration of market supervision, together with the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Commerce, the state health and Health Commission and other 10 departments, launched a special joint law enforcement action to crack down on illegal production and sale of masks and other protective products. We will crack down on the price starting from the ground and making epidemic wealth out of the open.

How to solve the road congestion? Ministry of transport: strengthen the guidance and investment

Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport: the operation of the national road network is orderly, and free passage of minibuses has been extended to February 8. At present, the road network is well guaranteed. Due to the need of epidemic prevention, some places have been partially congested due to temperature measurement in recent days, and local governments will strengthen the facilitation and personnel investment. It is also suggested that self driving citizens should not occupy the emergency channel to ensure the smooth transportation of key medical materials and production and living supplies.

What are the funding and policy support for epidemic prevention and control? Health and Health Committee: patients and medical care have subsidies

Li Bin, deputy director of the national health and Health Commission: in terms of policy guarantee, the first is to make clear the subsidy policy for patients treatment costs; the second is to provide temporary work subsidies for medical staff and epidemic prevention workers participating in the prevention and control work; the third is the equipment funds required for epidemic prevention and control work, which shall be arranged by the local finance and guaranteed by the central finance as the case may be.

What is the impact of the epidemic on Chinas economy? NDRC: confident to minimize the impact

Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission: the economic impact of the epidemic depends on the progress and effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control. It should be stressed that this kind of impact is periodic and temporary and will not change the fundamentals of Chinas long-term economic growth.

Many people use the impact of SARS on the economy in 2003 to calculate the impact of the epidemic. But at this stage, Chinas economic strength, material basis and ability to deal with emergencies are significantly stronger than at that time. We are fully capable and confident of winning the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control. We are also fully capable and confident of minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the economy.

Ministry of Commerce: major e-commerce enterprises in China have played a unique role

Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of Commerce: since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Ministry of Commerce has actively mobilized 11 major domestic e-commerce enterprises to play a unique role. A number of e-commerce enterprises use global supply chain resources to purchase masks and protective clothing across borders and increase material supply. Many express boys fight in the first line of e-commerce guarantee. During the Spring Festival, they dont close online, and they match offline in time.

In order to ensure the safety of the distribution link, many e-commerce companies have launched the mode of non-contact distribution service, in which customers and distributors agree on the location of materials to be delivered and reduce the risk of infection. This mode has been popularized nationwide.

What is the impact of the epidemic on exports? Ministry of Commerce: who considers package letters from China to be safe

Wang Bingnan, Vice Minister of Commerce: influenced by the Spring Festival, Chinas import and export trade in the first quarter has always fluctuated a lot in a single month. All departments and localities have also won the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic, and at the same time, they have taken precise measures to help enterprises. It should be emphasized that under the background of increasing downward pressure on global economy and trade, joint efforts of the international community are more needed. The World Health Organization (who) does not recommend trade restrictions on China, but also believes that mail packages from China are safe.