The next stop is happiness: Song Weilong tells you, what is the experience of falling in love in the office?

 The next stop is happiness: Song Weilong tells you, what is the experience of falling in love in the office?


In the end, you cant see when you look up. Anyway, you should be cautious. However, workplace veteran met workplace Xiaobai or turned over the car. No way. The yuan and Song dynasties are really handsome. He Fanxing will say every time: not to see you so handsome, I will how, so and so. Its no use saying it. Its the most important thing. Next stop is happiness. The rhythm of the previous episodes is too fast. The first episode, understanding. The second episode, mutual attraction. The third episode, the pursuit. The fourth episode, direct relationship. He Fanxing is a senior girl. Is yuan song a senior driver?


The age difference is about ten years old, so ignore it. Its no longer a problem. The love between a woman and a man in the new year can be as powerful as you want. The key is that he Fanxing is the executive director of the company, and Yuan song is the internship designer of the company. Even the relationship between superiors and subordinates can not be called, but after all, they are still people in the same company. So, lets just call it office romance. Can be close contact, and as long as miss each other at any time can flirt - avoid other colleagues can.


Is it really that simple? He Fanxing is surrounded by many female colleagues who gossip. After work, chatting cant be separated from ones private life. Yuan and song are men, and there is not so much to bring his designers. Therefore, the yuan and Song Dynasties did not have to be too careful. Congratulations on the stars. One level of vigilance every day - whats the meaning of words and whats the meaning of words? She had to do the first time to check, until the safety of this big stone. While other female colleagues looked at the handsome man of yuan and Song Dynasty differently, he Fanxing could only be jealous secretly.


Yuan and Song Dynasty, this boy, has the heart and courage to be a thief. Occasionally he Fanxing will be blocked in the small warehouse, and sometimes he will be secretly holding his hand in the public when others dont pay attention. Every time he Fanxing is scared out of sweat, is this boy too cruel. You said he would flirt, and I have nothing to say. I was inadvertently bumped into by my colleagues, and we never thought about that. He also begged for affection from Yuan and Song Dynasties, and asked the director he not to be too strict with him. Men are so handsome, they really have an advantage. How can he fan Xing love? This office romance is one step at a time.


Yuan and Song dynasties were still too careless. They sent flowers to he Fanxing, but they wrote both his name and his own name on the card. Ive been worrying about these episodes - who picked up this card? Its burying thunder. When he Fanxing saw the card again, he was very worried. I dont know who found the card? What are the intentions? Fortunately, it was Chang Huan who found he Fanxing and Yuan song falling in love in the office. This is a good boy. The crisis was temporarily lifted, and then another one came. He Fanxing, yuan and Song Dynasties, must support!