Xiao Zhan: its the most beautiful but snowy day. Its snowball throwing and snowball fighting with you

 Xiao Zhan: its the most beautiful but snowy day. Its snowball throwing and snowball fighting with you

The photos of Xiao Zhan have been saved for a long time. I repeated control, should not repeat. It is said that it is difficult to see snow in Chongqing where Xiao Zhan is located. It is said that Xiao Zhan saw snow five years ago. Is that when he started to drift north? The singing and dancing combination of young people and ordinary people. Since then, it has been floating and sinking in the entertainment circle. I still dont know what the future is and where to go. At this moment, I saw snowflakes falling one by one. Fall on your shoulders, fall on your feet. Reach for a piece - my friend told me that snowflakes will melt in the palm of my hand.


Well, five years later. Now Xiao Zhan is among the top. Before, some people said that he just walked the flow. This time, people came to Xiao Zhan. Februarys cover. Those people are going to get slapped. I dont know if this picture will appear in the poster or in the official publication. In a word, Xiao Zhan is happily throwing snowballs and fighting snowball wars. Im happy to see him. Because his success is also our hope. How much everyone paid, naturally hope to have a return. Xiao Zhans overnight success is the result of his efforts.


And more people, there is no such luck.. Well, luck is reserved for those who are prepared. For example, Xiao Zhan. He knew that he was not a professional, so he should treasure every opportunity more than anyone else. He plays in the daytime and has a performance class in the evening. When I come back, I need to write notes about my acting experience and so on. Where is the success of casual? How much he paid, we may know only a small part. And more people are seeing him with boundless scenery. Dont envy, dont envy. Blessing is that we are all good.



Some netizens said: if you want to be a person like him, it means that you appreciate him from your heart, respect him from your heart, and want to be close to him from your heart. This is the purest and most primitive love. You are totally interested in him. You not only trust him, but also want to understand him. You even want to be him. (Wen / piaoyutong) well, so I havent seen snow - but looking at Xiao Zhan in the snow, I suddenly think its also a kind of beauty. Maybe I was in the snow on that day. I will think of Xiao Zhan, the one who threw snowballs to fight snowball