Li Qilin comments on the decline of stock market: the risk has basically been released

 Li Qilin comments on the decline of stock market: the risk has basically been released

Netease Research Bureau: how long will the stock market fall?

Li Qilin: after the rapid decline of the market, the risk has basically been released. On the one hand, the rapid decline of the market is due to the impact of the epidemic on the economic fundamentals, as well as the liquidity risk caused by the rapid fall in the short term. If we focus on the long-term investors, we can consider the current layout.

Netease Research Bureau: which industries are most affected by the real economy?

Li Qilin: the impact of the epidemic on the entity can be seen from both the production side and the demand side. From the production side, the extension of the Spring Festival holiday affects the resumption of work. From the demand side, offline consumption, especially in film and television, tourism, transportation, catering, real estate, infrastructure and other fields, will be impacted. However, most industries will be impacted once and for all. In the fourth quarter, there is a signal of economic stabilization. Subsequently, with the gradual control of the epidemic situation, fiscal reserve and monetary easing, the previously isolated backlog of demand will be released, and the economic operation will soon return to normal Road operation.

Netease Research Bureau: what do you think of the trend of the pharmaceutical sector?

Li Qilin: for the pharmaceutical industry, the medical equipment products that are helpful and actually needed for epidemic control benefit significantly, including blood products, antiviral drugs and other drugs, respiratory support, personal protection and other medical products. In addition, the short-term demand for supporting drugs such as blood products, antiviral drugs and other medical products is obvious.

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