Of the 1700 Concorde hospitals in China, only three are true

 Of the 1700 Concorde hospitals in China, only three are true

No matter how many lines you live in, no matter how remote, there is always a Concorde hospital nearby waiting for you. Of course, they are all fake.

These hospitals are not branches of Beijing Union Medical College, because in addition to Beijing Union Medical College, there are only Wuhan Union Medical College, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of science and technology, and Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University [1].

In addition to these three hospitals, the nature of other Concorde hospitals is similar to the spread of fake master Bao cakes all over the country.

The reputation of Xiehe Hospital has been encumbered by these fake goods for too long.

How does false Concord rub heat

Concord is not exclusive to the hospital, let alone Beijing Concord Hospital. Some education centers, real estate development, travel agencies, etc. are called Concord.

So its easy to register for a Concorde hospital.

In addition, there are names such as XX Union Hospital Co., Ltd. and XX Union Hospital Group. At first glance, it makes people think of the Union Hospital in Beijing.

Fake Concord, dont be fooled / screenshot

But more hospitals just use Concord to package themselves.

These hospitals call themselves Concorde hospital x branch, or Concorde medical group. It claims to be the chain Hospital of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital and the technical superior subordinate relationship with Beijing Union Medical College Hospital.

Relying on the ability of relying on the big brand, these high imitation hospitals have established a huge folk harmony Department by themselves.

Whats more ironic is that the three formal consortiums mentioned above never boast that they are the real ones. As a prestigious centenary hospital, these three hospitals are established by different subjects, but their names are exactly the same, and there is no affiliation in themselves.

If you take a closer look, you will find that these fake Concorde hospitals are full of flowers.

Some Concorde hospitals were established after 2000. They had to brag about their long history and centenary hospital on the official website, and embezzled the propaganda map of Beijing Concorde hospital.

The blue brick walls and white marble railings are clearly exclusive to Peking Union Medical College Hospital, but they often appear in the brochure of the Shanzhai Union Medical College.

The harmony of the centenary hospital is not something everyone imitates

After copying pictures and fonts, fake Concorde often doesnt even think about slogans. Preciseness, refinement, diligence and dedication is the hospital training of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital. These eight words are also used directly by the Shanzhai Union Medical College.

When browsing the official hospital website on the Internet, the level of doctors has always been the most important.

All doctor information of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital can be seen in the doctor introduction column of the official website, and can be clearly divided by department. To find a doctor to go in, they are all doctoral supervisors and national project leaders, and they have won several important awards [5].

Look at the official website of fake Union Medical College. The advertisements are flying all over the world, saying that the doctors on the spot are either retired doctors of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, or remote consultation experts, or claiming that our hospital often invites experts from Beijing Union Medical College Hospital to come to the spot for consultation.

In fact, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital has long stated that doctors from its own hospital have never visited other Union Medical Colleges or clinics.

Last year, it once became the concord e milk of the popular online red. The simple bottle was printed with developed by the Institute of Dermatology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Only a dozen pieces of 100ml sold 510000 bottles in seven days [6].

It is clear that it is not produced by Concorde hospital, but it is necessary to use Concorde hospital to publicize / screenshot

As for the effect, netizens generally said, its too rare, its useless. I feel like this is a lie. Its just IQ tax.

There are not a few such actions. Some medical institutions across the country are rushing to launch many drugs with the word Concord. Guangxie and weie milk have more than 500 records, more than 10 brands [8], and the bottles are almost the same length.

You must have seen such a slogan: XX drug has been clinically verified by Concorde experts for many years, experts from Beijing Concorde hospital participated in the clinical appraisal meeting of XX drug and selected experts from Beijing Concorde hospital to jointly recommend drugs... The attribute is huge and always endorsed with Concorde.

The words Xiehe Tangkang and Xiehe Hanlong Jiangtang Capsule once advertised in TV station have blunted waves of middle-aged and elderly people [9].

Fake consortia and encircling money are not discussed

Most of them are private hospitals, and the diseases they can see are mainly in gynecology, andrology, reproduction and other limited fields. At the beginning of its establishment, some of them only invested 230000 yuan, which was not enough to buy a set of medical equipment.

The name may be deceptive, but the therapeutic effect is not deceptive. Through the Concord for their own gold-plated, to win the trust of the people, the results of eating ugly fake Concord Hospital is not a few.

You dont know how much more it will cost if you do something on the prescription

Among them, the most ugly one is the one who swindles money and insurance.

In order to attract more patients to see a doctor, a Chongqing Union Medical College of traditional Chinese medicine offered preferential policies to the poor families who built cards and the people who were poor because of illness without authorization, resulting in a total mismatch between the purchase quantity, sales volume and storage quantity of drugs and the reimbursement quantity of medical insurance.

This hospital treats minor diseases as serious diseases. If you only need to take medicine, the hospital will let you stay in the hospital. If you take two or three kinds of medicine, you will get a lot of what you dont have. If you take more than ten pieces of medicine, the hospital will increase the price to dozens of pieces and sell them to you [10].

In the false concord of blackheart, you can easily realize the zero threshold of hospitalization and enjoy the exclusive experience of cold doing CT.

Through a series of violations, the hospital defrauded nearly 600000 yuan of medical insurance fund and was finally fined more than 2 million yuan.

There was a patient who had an operation in Xiehe Hospital of a city in Sichuan Province. The doctor told him that the operation could be completed in less than half an hour, and the price was less than 3000. As a result, the doctor changed his face as soon as he lay on the operating table.

You cant do it alone. You have to do three times for this price level to fully recover.

A planned operation of 3000 yuan for half an hour finally cost 11950 yuan for an hour and a half.

In the face of lifes emergency, its better to give it to a reliable hospital

I had a local anaesthesia and watched them stop. I was scared. Im afraid they will ignore me if I dont sign the operation confirmation form for the added items Lying on the operating table, I feel like a lamb to be slaughtered. [11

Another fake Concorde has been exposed by CCTV to a number of patients to carry out palace laparoscopic surgery black curtain. More than ten patients generally experienced the magical process of examination operation plus money reoperation.

After less than three hours in the hospital, he went to the operating table. During the operation, the traditional Chinese medicine students would rush out to tell their families, we found five more diseases, which need immediate operation.. Within an hour, there were nearly eight operations.

When they left the hospital with several bags of brown liquid with unknown ingredients called medicine, they found that they spent nearly 70000 in four days [12].

In addition to these fake Concorde hospitals, which ask patients for money with scalpels, more Concorde hospitals have complete departments, but only some departments receive visits, and only internal medicine and Gynecology have doctors. This is totally not in line with the requirements of the state for the first-class hospital.

To see a doctor in a hospital, we need to recognize professional doctors

Xiehe Hospital in Hebei Province has more doctors. They change their names when they are in the hospital. They use other doctors licenses to receive doctors. They also go out to operate on patients themselves.

The hospital advertised itself as a National Concord brand chain hospital in a high-profile poster in the outpatient hall. On a sketch map of the National Union Medical College Hospital pasted on the wall of the hall, the hospital and Beijing Union Medical College Hospital sit on the same footing and are all members of the Union Medical College Department.

At the top of the map, believe in the power of brand is particularly striking [13].

There are too many false consonances, not true ones

There is a popular saying among the people that if the ordinary third class is said to be a serious disease, putting it in Concord is a minor disease; if the ordinary third class is said to be a terminal disease, sending it to Concord can still save it; if Concord says there is no rescue, there is really no way.

The strength of the genuine union hospital really does not need to waste advertising space.

Wuhan Union Medical College of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology successfully completed the first heart exchange operation for the youngest baby in Asia last year. A boys heart was successfully transplanted to a 66 day old infant with 3 kg heart disease, known as medical miracle [14].

Such a medical miracle can only be achieved in the genuine Concord / Tongji college, Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan

Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University once performed face changing surgery for 17-year-old girls in 2013, which was one of the few hospitals in China at that time that dared to change faces for patients [15].

Shanzhai Xiehes resume looks not bad, although I dont know what achievements have been made, at least the equipment is complete.

CT, Ge multimedia ultrasound, automatic immunochemiluminescence, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, radiofrequency ablation, automatic Sperm Analyzer... Are all international advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment imported from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries. No, they are expensive imported.

Since there are two or three departments in the hospital, there is really no achievement to talk about, so some fake Concorde simply introduced how many doctors and masters they have.

With a team of less than 10 people, they claim to be at the leading level in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as XXX and undertake a number of key research projects and research work in XXX and other aspects.

If you want to know more about this hospital, you cant find any other information, because they dont even have the official website.

Look at a few more small ads and youll find that the fake Concordes Hospital profile seems to have the same template.

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital is at the top of the list of Chinese hospitals in 2018 released by the Hospital Management Research Institute of Fudan University. This has been the top of Peking Union Medical College Hospital for ten consecutive years.

More importantly, the reputation of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital has almost always been the first place, far exceeding the second place by more than ten points.

A lot of fake Concordes dont even have hospital level, let alone reputation. Its good to be able to see doctors according to rules and not be exposed.

Shanghai Union Medical College Hospital, which once had black materials, diagnosed a pregnant patient with primary infertility and forced others to press appendicitis, which was later considered by experts to be against medical common sense [16].

For real harmony, these little diseases are nothing at all. The treatment of rare and severe diseases is the specialty of others.

Rare diseases are mostly caused by gene mutation. They are a kind of diseases with low incidence, difficult diagnosis and difficult cure. 95% of them have no specific medicine. We are familiar with albinism, hemophilia and other rare diseases [17].

In the face of a rare case, a hospital that does not have certain resources and strength can not even find out the cause of the disease, and even more serious may be misdiagnosed.

The catalogue of the first batch of rare diseases released in 2018 includes 121 kinds of rare diseases. Almost all the recommended hospitals and departments with diagnosis and treatment ability are Beijing Union Medical College Hospital [18].

In 2017, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital had 3.7 million outpatient visits, 99000 inpatients and 52000 surgeries [19]. Although these figures are not the highest, the quality is always the focus of Concorde hospital.

How to make the most convenient appointment for registration / official website of Beijing Union Medical College

Of course, not all diseases can be cured only by coordination. There are many good hospitals. When it comes to the word Concord, we can worship it. We must not be blind. Once entering the bad false Concord by mistake, it is equivalent to actively sending the head.

After all, the difference between the real and the fake is not as simple as the name.

Again, there are only three union hospitals in China: Beijing Union Medical College, Wuhan Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, and Union Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University.

Those fake Concordes who are struggling to find advertising space can really wash and sleep.


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