3.2 million fans in a popular science video! How do paper clips work?

 3.2 million fans in a popular science video! How do paper clips work?

It explained how the new crown pneumonia happened, spread and infected in a rational, detailed and simple way. Netizens called it the hardest core science popularization of the new crown pneumonia.

We interviewed Wu Songlei, the paperclip producer, who revealed that the video has played more than 100 million videos on the whole network, 80 million on Weibo, 30 million on wechat and 460000 on the watch.

After the video was released, the WeChat paper number rose 1 million 200 thousand, micro-blog rose 1 million 600 thousand, and B station rose 400 thousand.

For one video, within two days, 3.2 million yuan will be added to the paperclip account.

The video uses rigorous and lively visual explanation to provide serious content for adults and satisfy peoples curiosity and instinct and impulse to study the world.

In the ordinary peoples impression, the content of popular science seems to be public welfare rather than non-profit, so does the paper clip make money? How big is the market for this kind of video? How is the paper clip made?

This article has everything about paper clips.

How is the video of 01 top model made?

From verbatim to split design, to dynamic design, each link has an average of 1-2 weeks.

And this issue of everything about new crown pneumonia is that six people use four days to stay up late to drive out.

In the paper clip video, the data that looks quite professional are mainly from papers, professional books, national labels, patent documents, etc.

Most of the video materials are made by ourselves, and some of the high-quality materials are from YouTube.

Virus model in everything about new crown pneumonia

For example, informationisbeautifulawards.com.

Informationisbeautifulawards.com Homepage

The dynamic effect of Gao Bingge mainly depends on the rhythmic sense of the kinesiologist himself:

Our dynamic efficiency is not very difficult, the key is to sort out the content logic..

The paper clip team will divide the topic into specific questions, such as the topic of buying a kitchen knife:

Whats the difference between a $50 kitchen knife, a $500 kitchen knife and a $5000 kitchen knife? How to evaluate the quality of a kitchen knife with quantitative index? Depends on what kind of process and material?

In addition, how to present higher information density and more accurate visual language on the premise that everyone can understand is their focus.

The specific information will be materialized, such as old TV, mobile phones, tickets, receipts, documents, etc. They can help the audience feel the context of the content more accurately.

All about new crown pneumonia video begins

To explain why they wear masks, the paper clip shows an image of a person sneezing through droplets.

Freeze frame after sneezing for 0.34 seconds

The texture chart, combined with the dynamic effect of highlighting key data, can let the audience clearly see the key data of the event.

People also prefer to believe in the accuracy of these data.

Screenshot of everything about new crown pneumonia

Public comment area

02 particularly boring straight man of science video

|Amplify adult curiosity

How does the toilet suck your shit? Wheres all the rubbish you left? How does ATM protect RMB?

We live in a highly technical and complex era every day. If you look around carefully, you will find that everything is very strange.

The title of each issue of the video clip uses short questions, how, how and what are the most common words, which directly arouse peoples curiosity and desire to open up.

The theory of defamiliarization originates from the field of art creation. The so-called Defamiliarization is to eliminate peoples indifference to things they are used to, so as to obtain novel experiences.

Video of paperclips contribution in station B

|Very boring, very hard core

There is a threshold for the content of paper clips.

High information density, serious, hard core and even boring, has become the synonym of paper clip.

How to be a sensible street lamp is a representative program.

The paperclip team has invested a huge amount of work to produce the top-level technical visualization for landscape lighting, which can be seen from the degree of hard core.

According to Wu Songlei, this is a typical video that no one will make if we dont do it.

Example of street lamp drawing / how to be a sensible street lamp

Example of street lamp dismantling / how to be a sensible street lamp

E-commerce, takeout, artificial intelligence, VR The intense pleasure of technology changing life, accompanied by dazzling new tools, is everywhere in this exciting era.

However, the paper clip believes that behind the normalized application, there is a subtle logic of the worlds operation, hiding a lot of valuable information that ordinary people may never touch or imagine.

Based on this belief, the paper clip does not take data as the only indicator to measure the value of content, and does not blindly follow the trend and pursue the hot spot, thus avoiding the risk of fast decay.

At present, video playback volume of paper clip on microblog and B station is growing steadily, and positive feedback is dominant.

Why is counterfeiting so difficult? u300bBroadcast volume: 1453000

|No lack of topics, but it takes time to do it

Every aspect of daily life can be the object of paper clip research, so the topic is never a problem.

But the core goal of paper clip is to be a problem terminator.

According to Wu Songlei, you cant find a clearer video after we have made a topic clear.

This requires rich content increment.

Each issue of video topics, creators spend a week or two to study, read a variety of professional papers, consult a large number of materials.

They even made a Wikipedia - like website, the paperclip manual. This is an encyclopedia manual covering all aspects of daily life.

On the basis of the national economic industry classification, 1415 items have been set up, ranging from submarine oil pipeline to playground plastic runway, from veterinary medicine manufacturing to tractor manufacturing

The paperclip manual wants to cover everything people can see and explain how the world works.

Paperclip is dedicated to making hard knowledge more vivid and boring science popularization not boring.

03 why use video for science popularization?

|Visual data presentation, making science popularization more vivid

|Popular science short video shows the trend of blue ocean

After graduating from university in 2015, Wu Songlei began to try to do a serious knowledge video program called face lab.

In China, there are very few serious or in-depth knowledge videos. We think there is a lot of space in this field.

Before Wu Songlei set up a paper clip, there were many domestic videos in the form of animation, similar to the flying saucer theory, presenting relatively simple content, including many expression packs and network terms, such as things for children.

On flying saucers cartoon style

In foreign countries, YouTube has some similar channels for content popularization, but in China, there is still a lack of professional popularization video team.

Before Wu Songlei founded the paper clip, he had the experience of using vox on YouTube for amateur video. Later, he worked as a writer and wrote some popular science contributions in the elephant guild, a self media platform.

In the current era of short video becoming a darling, visual popular science content is getting more and more popular. Such as shell, teacher Hello my name is he classmate, Wizard finance Popular science short video is very powerful and has great advantages.

Among them, the most representative one is: how fast is his classmates? 5gs real experience in daily use was widely spread on the Internet when 5g came in 2019, and even nominated and praised by CCTV.

How fast is it? 5g real experience in daily use / b Hello teacher, my name is he classmate

Curiosity is the commonness of human beings, which is one of the reasons why popular science video attracts audiences.

But in addition to using curiosity to get video playback, popular science bloggers want to kill their blood in the era of self media 3.0, they also need high standard video production threshold and professional visual presentation effect, and at the same time, they need to take into account the interest of the content.

However, the production threshold of popular science video is high, which not only has professional knowledge but also takes into account the audiences audio-visual preferences. The production of video is more difficult and the technical cost is also higher and higher.

In the short video track of popular science, the paper clip is different from other popular science channels. It combines the professional knowledge and visual technology that people have learned in high school to popularize some interesting details that no one pays attention to and others do not.

Just like the business philosophy of paper clip: to be a Life Guide for contemporary adults.

From a loss of 475000 yuan to a profit of 1828000 yuan, the paper clip took only one year.

The paperclip was founded at the end of 2017 and started to be updated steadily at the beginning of 2018.

In two years, the paperclip team has changed from the first two people to 20 people, making a total of 125 videos.

Among them, 80 issues were produced in 2019, which not only made back the loss capital in 2018, but also made a net profit of 1.35 million in addition to the operating costs such as site and manpower.

But in an interview with the Beijing News, Wu stressed, we are not so great. We are just a commercial company that makes videos.

At the beginning of its establishment, the paperclip team has a healthy business operation and cash flow model planning.

The business model of the team is mainly to invest in the next high-quality video production through video revenue generation.

In 2019, the paper clip did not accept the suggestion of opening rewards offered by fans, but opened a paper clip office to realize the process of ad customization services.

The original intention of the firm is to face the advertisement directly. It is better to make the advertisement good-looking than to attach the advertisement to the good-looking content. So the paper clip office will directly study the specific products from customers and make clear the unfamiliar technology that they cant understand.

Among them, the most representative is their cooperation with companies such as Weilai and didi in 2019.

Through professional video production technology and simple and straightforward commentary, the paper clip has customized satisfactory video advertisements for advertisers.

They rented an office space for 60 people to sit down, and planned to recruit more partners. Brand influence has also become greater, there are more advertisers looking for door-to-door, they can choose to pick up their own want to pick up the ads.

The reading data of everything about new crown pneumonia also proves that high-quality video can still be swiped in wechat.

When the industry enters the mature stage, every content form and content classification is pursuing the ultimate and professional. With the development of platform supervision, opportunistic methods are no longer applicable.

We also hope that the new media industry will have more calm, objective and scientific accounts like paper clips, which will bring more valuable things to the public.

Instead of skillfully using the routine of playing with peoples hearts and blindly producing the content of inciting public emotions.

Special thanks: paper clip & Wu Songlei

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