100000 test reagents rushed to Wuhan for 14 hours today

 100000 test reagents rushed to Wuhan for 14 hours today

This batch of new coronavirus detection reagents are packed in the cold chain box in the blue paper case, and need to be transported in the temperature range of - 15 u2103 to - 25 u2103. Starting from Guangzhou on the afternoon of February 2, the Ministry of transport issued an emergency transportation instruction. The logistics support office coordinated with the traffic support along the line, handled the emergency material transportation pass, and informed the transportation information of the trucks to the provincial transportation departments along the way. In the process of transportation, no parking, no inspection, no charge, priority and convenient access, reduce the time required for transportation on the premise of ensuring driving safety.

Liao Hao, the cold chain driver of Guangdong Public Transport Group: now we are almost ready to enter Hubei. There are police cars along the way. We are more than 200 kilometers away from Wuhan now. We try to get to Wuhan as soon as possible in three hours.

The two drivers drove in turn, sleepless, and rushed to Wuhan with all their strength.

Tang Ying, CCTV reporter: its about 8:20 in the morning. After 14 hours of driving, the new coronavirus detection reagent with 100000 people set off from Guangzhou yesterday (2) afternoon has arrived at the huanghualou toll station in Wuhan.

Liao Hao, a cold chain driver of long distance transportation of Guangdong Public Transport Group: Im really worried when I drive here. We also want to get there as soon as possible.

After vehicle disinfection and personnel temperature measurement, these detection reagents were transferred to a cold chain car in Wuhan. It is understood that 30000 out of 100000 test reagents are donated by Shaanxi Charity Association, and will be delivered after being received and registered by Hubei Charity Association. The remaining 70000 were allocated by Hubei Provincial epidemic prevention and control office.

At 5:20 a.m. on February 3, the Red Cross Society of China coordinated the delivery of a batch of urgently needed medical materials donated by the CEO around table on cancer to Wuhan. The materials include 11800 medical protective clothing, 20700 N95 medical masks, 67500 N95 protective masks, 1727700 masks, 1000 masks and 566800 pairs of gloves.