Bell didnt get back to Tottenham to go to China? Not a good time

 Bell didnt get back to Tottenham to go to China? Not a good time

Most people dont know what really happened, which bothers me because no one knows what hes talking about. Its not up to me. Bell has two years left on his contract. His wife and three children are in Madrid.

About the January offer from Tottenham

Few clubs have the ability to sign bell

Bell is happy with the status quo, and realistically, most of the clubs will not compete against him. He likes his life now and his children are growing up in Madrid. Its not about money. Its about his life. He has his own way of life and his own personal time.

Real Madrid dont seem to be worried

We have had communication with Real Madrid. They know what happened and its important to feel that they are part of Real Madrid.

Criticism of Spanish media

Unfortunately, they are talking about lifestyle, they are not speaking Spanish, those are their judgment criteria, but that is not correct. Bell is one of the two or three best players in Wales, but they dont talk about the positive things about him.

About the league that didnt go to China

Its not a good time to go to China. After his two and a half years contract, we will decide what to do.

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