Secretary of Wuhan municipal Party committee: to maintain the wartime state, the diagnosed patients must be admitted unconditionally

 Secretary of Wuhan municipal Party committee: to maintain the wartime state, the diagnosed patients must be admitted unconditionally

Ma Guoqiang successively came to Hanyang District and Wuchang District to learn the current centralized isolation observation location, number of people and corresponding measures.

He stressed that all regions must shoulder their land responsibilities, maintain wartime conditions, give full play to their subjective initiative, and take various measures to cut off the routes of infection. All confirmed patients must be treated in a centralized way unconditionally. Patients with mild illness need to be treated in a centralized place. Those who need to be transferred to a designated hospital should be transported by special car to avoid disordered flow of personnel and reduce the probability of cross infection. Further implement the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, ensure the 24-hour operation of fever clinic, strictly manage the case registration of fever patients, verify the identity information, make classified referral, and ensure that no one is missed. We should carefully analyze the data, further find out the way of transmission, continue to increase the efforts to figure out the close contacts of the diagnosed patients, and do a good job in centralized isolation and logistics support services. Further collect information, increase the assistance of all kinds of patients, and ensure the overall medical service.

At a centralized isolation site in Hanyang District, community workers have just transferred a confirmed patient. Ma Guoqiang urged everyone to pay attention to scientific protection and protect their own safety.

He pointed out that it is necessary to scientifically coordinate the centralized isolation place, reasonably arrange various hospitals, hotels and other places, orderly allocate medical staff, and reduce the risk of infection as much as possible; to speed up the detection speed and improve the turnover speed of the patients who have turned negative; to strengthen the management of the centralized isolation point, strictly distinguish the channels of medical staff and patients, strictly control the access of personnel and vehicles, and try to control the source of infection as much as possible. In response to the lack of protection resources raised by the staff, he said that the citys daily dispatch will make every effort to ensure the front-line protection materials.

On the evening of February 2, Hubei held a press conference to report the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control. Xiao Juhua, vice governor of Hubei Province, said: a group of academicians and experts, such as Zhong Nanshan and Li Lanjuan, came to Han. They were all in the front line of food and accommodation, which moved us very much.