Trend partner pushes Yang Ying, a Chinese original designer, to win the sales title

 Trend partner pushes Yang Ying, a Chinese original designer, to win the sales title

Yang Ying, angelababy, won the C sales champion, Li Wenhan created his own dog service

Su Mang, the co producer of trend partner, has dispatched the task of China original day c-position sales competition. The newly arrived limited partner worked hard. Zhong Chuxi climbed the third floor without rest for several rounds. Picking goods for customers was like desperate Sanniang. Even the customers could not help persuading her to sit down first and slow down. Li Wenhan and the dog customers actively start to nag about the family habits of keeping pets, so as to make customers feel at ease to test clothes and directly start the service of kneeling dog, and the liking degree soars.

Limited partners are ready to come, and Yang Ying angelababy, the gold medal salesman of fortune, is not to be outdone. She has not only been a translator with Max foreign language ability, but also unlocked the Shanghai dialect cordial value explosion table. Once again, she meets a repeat customer, even under the rainbow rain of high EQ, successfully let the customer open the scavenging mode, and finally defended the c-sales champion of China original day. The sales Queen deserves it! Although the competition was intense, but when he was able to suppress the funny gene, pan Shuai, when he recommended the bag to the customer, actually fell down directly and put on a funny scene. He gave the audience a good year. Even the director Wu Yifan could not help but Tucao, our shop assistant is too fat.

Chinas original day of trend partners also allows home users to experience the experience of growing grass at any time when they go shopping in the cloud without leaving home. There is a saying that there are really many clothes planted with grass. There are also a large number of netizens who urge the same type of links, where are the clothes that trend partners like to sell? after all, new years clothes are considered to have a new taste.

Trend partner egg cooking competition Wu Yifan turns into idiot and I change clothes with my elders to warm the whole Spring Festival

The partners at home didnt have time either. Early in the morning, they started an oral egg cooking competition. Wu Yifan, who was always close to the egg, claimed to take out his ancestral pepper and scramble the egg. He also helped Zhao Jinmai think of a RASS egg by the way. Pan Weibai firmly said that he must make fried egg with noodles. Then Yang Ying, angelababy, with a bad smile on her face, waved her hands to Wu Yifan to give it to him Everyone makes a big meal - idiot, Wu Yifan beside is confused, and pan Weibai who reacts directly laughs to tears. During the Spring Festival, the program group packed the selected grass planting food into a trendy food box for netizens and friends. It not only included the Guoba and the curry noodles that were closely related to Wu Yifan and pan Weibais brotherhood, but also the sweets and spicy films that were brought by Zhao Jinmai, the youngest partner. The happy and friendly atmosphere between the eating and broadcasting partners continued well beyond the program.

As a source of happiness, trend partner has added new playing methods to netizens, in addition to cloud New Year greeting, cloud supervisor and whole house Tour. The program launched the new years collection activity of I and my elders change new clothes jointly with peoples network Online China, which allows the younger generation and their elders to exchange the most fashionable clothes, pose the coolest pose and take photos together to exchange each others fashion concept. As soon as the event was launched, many netizens from 16 provinces, cities and special zones, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Fujian, Jiangsu and Sichuan, paid close attention to the event. They all exposed photos of changing clothes with their elders. In the process of changing clothes, they seemed to know more about their families, including the exclamation of suddenly found that moms clothes are pretty and mom is a cool girl. The trend exchange of several generations also makes the Spring Festival at home more fashionable and interesting, and more warm atmosphere.

At 8:00 p.m. this Friday, trend partners is about to launch its limited release in Tokyo. What kind of DIY design will the five trend partners show? Wait and see!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322