The court of final victory begins to broadcast in a fight with Wei and Hu Jing

 The court of final victory begins to broadcast in a fight with Wei and Hu Jing

Its worth mentioning that Hu Jing plays the role of senior lawyer Ye Ziqi in the play. The first feeling of this role is Sa! Dress up and behave, always act in a meticulous manner, act vigorously and act vigorously in court. At the beginning, ye Ziqi, as a defense lawyer, was in a tit for tat with the prosecutor of the prosecution, and the momentum did not fall. Her wisdom is that victory is justice, just like Alicia, the heroine of the American drama a good wife, she has excellent defense ability, but also pursues her own inner principles. At the end of the first episode, lawyer Ye is furious with the domestic violence man. Domestic violence man that his wife dare not pursue his legal responsibility, and ye Ziqi that she dare! Real handsome!

Start screen mode, Hu Jings power circle

Gao Jian, the hero played by Yu Hewei, is not only her idol, senior brother, but also her admiring object and rival. Never admit defeat is her professional criterion, but when facing the choice of position and justice, she finally gives up victory for justice. In the game between law and emotion, she resolutely guarded the truth. Hu Jings perfect performance makes lawyer Yes role more charming and powerful. Hu Jing, an actress, has also recently started the screen mode. Another drama new world starred by her is also in hot release. The goddess of supply in the shortage period is really famous. In recent years, Gao Xiaoqin, the name of the people, and Dao Meilan, the popular new world, have left a deep impression on the audience. Now Hu Jingyan is worth no less and has more charm of mature women. In the decisive court, the professional costume is full of aggression, capturing the little girl in minutes.

This must-have fatigued house drama the court of decisive victory, which gathers many powerful actors at home, not only burns time but also brain, and there are many climaxes in the pending cases. There is no doubt about the preciseness and professionalism of the joint production by the Political Department of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. However, the audience is brought into the perspective of lawyers and prosecutors. You never know what the truth is until the last moment. This kind of in-depth show on the scene of the prosecution and defense of the prosecutor and lawyer has never been seen for a long time. They are the ones who are able to speak and argue. A good play is to bring warmth and positive energy to the hearts of the audience. Just like Ye Ziqi in the play, we firmly do not admit defeat, but we also firmly uphold justice and believe in the power of justice.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322