Virus found on doorknob? Expert: its just the virus shattered body

 Virus found on doorknob? Expert: its just the virus shattered body

2u3001 Personal hygiene

uff081uff09 Try to avoid crowded places. Try to keep a distance of at least 1 meter when talking with others. Wear disposable medical masks if you really need close contact with strangers. Wash your hands as soon as you go home.

uff082uff09 Try to wear disposable medical masks in the farmers market, avoid contact with live birds as much as possible, and do not buy, kill or contact wild animals.

uff083uff09 Pay attention to the coughing etiquette and hand hygiene, cover the mouth and nose with paper towel or protect the elbow when coughing, spitting or sneezing, and wash hands with mobile water hand sanitizer in seven steps immediately after contacting respiratory secretion. Wash hands in time before and after defecation, eyes and lips.

uff084uff09 Set the garbage cans covered with plastic bags and covered, put the used paper towels and masks into the covered garbage cans, clean them every day, fasten the plastic bag mouth when cleaning, and then put them into the garbage cans.

uff085uff09 Clean and disinfect tableware in time, especially after family and friends get together.

uff087uff09 If there are respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough, and similar patients have been in close contact, please wear disposable medical mask and go to the hospital in time.

3u3001 Preventive disinfection

uff082uff09 The floor shall be kept clean and dry, or wet mop with 250mg / L ~ 500mg / L chlorine containing disinfectant from time to time, and then wipe with clean water.

uff083uff09 Daily fabrics (such as towels, clothes, quilt covers, etc.) can be soaked in a chlorine containing disinfectant of 250mg / L ~ 500mg / L for 30 minutes from time to time (note that chlorine containing disinfectant has bleaching effect on fabrics), or other clothing disinfectants can be used according to the instructions.

uff084uff09 For heat-resistant articles, such as tableware and tea set, they can be boiled for 15min or soaked in a chlorine containing disinfectant of 250mg / l-500mg / L for 30min, then rinsed with clear water.

4u3001 Common disinfectants and preparation

uff081uff09 84 disinfectant (effective chlorine 5%): it is usually diluted with disinfectant: water as 1:100.

uff082uff09 75% alcohol disinfectant: direct use.

uff084uff09 Other disinfectants shall be prepared and used according to the product label and mark to kill the concentration of intestinal pathogenic bacteria.

Whats the meaning of the virus found on the doorknob?

Expert: the collection of specimens on the doorknob is part of the CDCs work in dealing with the epidemic. In the routine treatment of epidemic cases, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention often collect some close contacts and environmental samples in the places where the cases live for a long time. The first purpose of collecting environmental samples is to determine the scope and source of pollution, the second is to confirm the transmission path, so as to determine the next disposal measures.

How should the public recognize that there is a virus on the doorknob

Expert: first of all, the virus samples on the doorknob detected this time are collected from the epidemic point (the patients home). It is not uncommon for a new type of coronavirus to be positive for nucleic acid in household articles. As far as we know, the new coronavirus infection is mainly transmitted through droplets. Therefore, according to common sense, it can be speculated that in places where the cases often contact, especially when the cases do not strictly wear masks and wash hands frequently at home, they are likely to infect the droplets they cough up to different places. Therefore, it is not uncommon to detect positive in a patients home environment.

Secondly, the method of this test report is nucleic acid detection technology, to detect the nucleic acid (gene fragment) of the virus, rather than using the method of virus culture to obtain the live virus. That is to say, the positive test only indicates that there is a gene fragment of the virus in the sample, but whether the whole virus is still alive is unknown.

Third, as far as we know, the virus can spread disease only when it survives, while the new coronavirus only survives for 48 hours in a dry environment, and its activity decreases significantly after 2 hours of exposure in the air (Chengdu Business Daily, Li Lanjuan, academician of National Expert Group Engineering Institute). Therefore, the samples collected in this time are only the broken bodies of the virus.

Q: how likely are doorknobs in public places to be infected with the virus

Expert: the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets, so it cant be ignored that patients touch the door handle of public places with polluted hands, and then they are soon touched by other citizens to the polluted place, and then touch their own nose, mouth and eyes.

Therefore, we still need to call on you to clean your hands frequently and do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes before washing your hands. In addition, the managers of public places need to conduct standardized and timely disinfection of door handles, elevators, etc. according to relevant guidelines.

Q: people need to pay special attention to which places in public places may be polluted

Expert: in fact, its the places where you may touch public facilities and articles, such as the door handle of the entrance and exit, toilet, faucet, etc., the credit card swiped by the cashier, the pen for signing accounts, etc., which are the places where you may contact others through articles. Therefore, it is very important to avoid contact with these places as much as possible.

Q: what is the impact of the virus found on the doorknob on our prevention and control strategy

Expert: in fact, this positive result is expected. At present, the relevant measures to prevent and control respiratory infectious diseases are still effective. The most important purpose of todays announcement of this result to the public is to ask the general public to pay full attention to personal hygiene and realize the importance of frequent hand washing and hand hygiene in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In the afternoon of February 1, the research team of Guangzhou respiratory health research institute led by academician Zhong Nanshan released the home rehabilitation and protection strategies for the new coronavirus pneumonia, in which the 4S respiratory rehabilitation principle for the new coronavirus pneumonia was put forward in particular.

With the arrival of return transportation, the railway department further strengthened the prevention and control work in the process of return transportation. The first is to strengthen the temperature measurement in and out of the station. At present, the temperature measurement in and out of the station is carried out in all stations dealing with passenger transport business of the national railway. The second is to strengthen the emergency treatment of the passengers with fever on the train. If the passengers with fever are found on the train, immediately organize the isolation on the train. Third, strengthen station car disinfection. Fourth, strengthen the broadcast of station car health protection knowledge, and remind precautions.