Wuxi Taihu theater is on fire! 365 steel bars made white bamboo forest

 Wuxi Taihu theater is on fire! 365 steel bars made white bamboo forest

The building, known as the biggest lantern in the world, has set a new Guinness record. It is about 26 meters high, equivalent to the height of 9 floors, and can hold about 400 people inside. The red lantern has always been a symbol of the new year, so the Spring Festival Cultural Expo uses this element, which makes people bright in front of their eyes. Netizens all say its very creative.

However, people cant go to the red lantern to have a look. Another white bamboo forest is on fire. Its appearance is made of 365 steel bars. It looks like a white bamboo forest. It sounds like the scene in Xianxia opera. Its design inspiration is the local bamboo sea landscape in Wuxi.

The theater ceiling is composed of triangular shutters, just like the bamboo leaves on the top of the bamboo forest. This design can distribute the gravity to each pillar reasonably. Sunlight comes in through the shutters arranged in different places, and the reflected light is full of magic.

When you enter the theater, you will be attracted by the shining bamboo wall, which is unique and more advanced. The layout of the performance hall combines Chinese style and light projection to create a different artistic conception of Jiangnan Water Town.

The theatre has attracted a lot of peoples attention. It was also rated as one of the top ten most anticipated buildings in 2019 by CNN. Click the atlas to see more interiors u25bc