Rap singers mansion with 109 rooms, sneakers in the corridor and special personnel

 Rap singers mansion with 109 rooms, sneakers in the corridor and special personnel

The mansion is located in Atlanta and has 109 rooms. In recent years, after his transformation, the number is even more countless, many of which are used for special shoes. Although the cinema, collection room and entertainment area are not open to the public, they are also the areas he usually loves to visit.

People are very interested in his mansion, because the new film journey to America 2 in 2020 is being filmed here. We can catch a glimpse of his luxury before watching the movie. Roman columns and various animal sculptures are the most common elements of traditional European architecture. White walls and gold ornaments create a palace style mansion.

Rickross is a famous shoe lover. There are many rooms where he keeps his shoes. Almost every room is full of floor cabinets, and even there are rows of shoes in the corridor. He will arrange related works of art and individual awards seats according to the color matching of shoes, and someone will specially arrange these shoe cabinets to make them look orderly.

It is worth mentioning that the backyard of the mansion has a super large swimming pool, which is said to be the largest private swimming pool in the United States. This area is almost catching up with the place to live. It will take a lot of time to change water? As the owner of the house, Rick Ross has made full use of the place, often holding parties here and living a very moist life. Of course, you have to have so many friends first.

Looking at the large areas, you will find that the R & R letters have a high rate of appearance. Yes, thats the abbreviation of his name. Not only does rickross have the logo on the front door and in the luxury garage, but even custom shoes have the same design. The whole family is very personal. He hangs his portrait on the wall, even on the automatic door. How can I feel a little narcissistic.

When he showed you around, he did not forget to introduce the new co branded shoes and movies. His business ability was quite strong. This mansion is just like him. Its very swag u25bc