Xiamen convenience store 3M mask 29.5 yuan is reported to be 1.3 yuan or fake

 Xiamen convenience store 3M mask 29.5 yuan is reported to be 1.3 yuan or fake

The clue to crack down on fake goods comes from a report from an online shopping consumer in Xiamen. According to the informant, on January 25, through the hungry platform, he placed an order to buy six 3M dust masks at a convenience store in jiaobin Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, with a total price of 177 yuan and an average price of 29.5 yuan each. Before that, the retail price of a single 3M dust mask was basically between 5 and 15 yuan. According to the informant, the convenience store is suspected of driving up prices.

Zhang Jianfeng, chief of law enforcement inspection section of Siming District Market Supervision Bureau, told reporters that after receiving the report, on January 27, law enforcement officers of Siming District started the investigation and evidence collection work, and the investigation was basically consistent with the information reported by the informant. In the process of law enforcement, law enforcement officials determined that the price of a common dust mask sold by the merchants was nearly 30 yuan, which was much higher than the usual price. It was suspected that the illegal act of bid up the price had been constituted, so they decided to put the convenience store on file for investigation according to law.

Check the source of goods and find out the problem mask

In the investigation, law enforcement officers rely on their rich experience in handling cases and sensitivity to violations of laws, and preliminary analysis of the case may be more than that simple. There are problems with the supply of masks in this convenience store. According to the convenience store parties, the source of goods comes from a commodity store on Kaiyuan Road, Xiamen.

Check the source of goods only for the purpose of getting out of the water. On the afternoon of January 28, law enforcement officers went to a commodity store on Kaiyuan Road to further check the source of goods. It was found that the shop door was closed and closed. The law enforcement personnel did not give up. They called the number announced on the shop sign for many times in a row, and asked the operator to open the door for inspection. The operator said that people in the Huli District would not be able to pass for a while. It was more than 4 p.m. at this time. In order to obtain relevant evidence in time, law enforcement personnel waited for nearly two hours at the door of the store, and the operator came to the site to open the store door for inspection. The on-site inspection has also become an important breakthrough in the investigation and handling of this case.

Law enforcement officers found that the masks were suspected of counterfeiting.

Relevant person in charge of the market supervision bureau of Siming District said that the initial purpose of this inspection was only to check the quantity and price of 3M masks purchased from a daily necessities store in Kaiyuan Road, Siming District by a convenience store in jiaobin road involved in the case. However, the law enforcement personnel found that the logo printed on the 3m9001 and 3m9001v masks sold by the store were relatively vague, The packaging is relatively simple, which is likely to be fake and shoddy products. On the one hand, the law enforcement personnel stabilized the operators and inquired about the source of their purchase. On the other hand, they immediately went online to further compare the difference between the authentic products and the on-site inventory, so as to improve the accuracy of research and judgment of clues. After detailed and careful comparison, law enforcement officials preliminarily determined that the batch of 3M masks were fake and shoddy products.

Joint action to dig through the whole chain

Siming District Bureau immediately sent the products involved to Minnesota Mining Manufacturing (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the authorized client of 3M company, for identification, and received preliminary feedback to confirm that they are fake products. Where are these fake 3M masks coming from? In order to protect peoples life, health and safety, law enforcement officials decided to pursue them.

On January 29, Siming District Market Supervision Bureau took the initiative to contact Siming Public Security Bureau, and with the cooperation of Siming Public Security Bureaus public security team, jointly entered the house twice to find relevant operators to cooperate in the investigation. In order not to give illegal operators a chance, law enforcement officers fought for more than six hours of hot pursuit, and quickly found out the whole chain of the batch of counterfeit 3M masks sold from 1.3 yuan / piece to 29.5 yuan / piece. This batch of masks is purchased from a supplier in Anhui Province by a Xiamen commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. at 1.3 yuan / piece. The commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. wholesale to a department store in Huli District, Xiamen city at 1.5 yuan / piece. The department store sells to a daily necessities store in Kaiyuan Road, Siming District at 8 yuan / piece. The daily necessities store sells to a convenience store and convenience store in jiaobin Road, Siming District at 20 yuan / piece Finally, it is sold to consumers at a price of 29.5/piece.

So far, the dust of Xiamens first suspected sale of fake masks has settled. The market supervision bureau of Siming District has determined that a certain commodity store in Kaiyuan Road is suspected of selling fake 3M masks, Sanwu disposable masks, and selling masks with up to 150% of profits. It has been suspected of illegal acts of driving up prices, selling fake products and Sanwu products. At present, the case has been basically investigated, and the regulatory authorities will impose administrative penalties in the near future.

Therefore, the case involves Siming District and Huli District, and the source supplier involves suppliers from other provinces. At present, Xiamen market supervision bureau, Siming District Market Supervision Bureau and Huli District Market Supervision Bureau have separately filed a case for investigation, and illegal operators will face severe punishment by law. China consumer will continue to follow up.

Many mask manufacturers are worried about whether there will be overcapacity after the epidemic. Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said, we clearly tell them that the government will collect and store the surplus production after the epidemic. As long as it meets the standards, the enterprises can fully organize production..