Half of the cases in Wenling city come from three families

 Half of the cases in Wenling city come from three families

The new coronavirus is transmitted through droplets and body contact, with strong transmission force and fast transmission speed, which is very worthy of our attention. According to LV Zhiling, the risk of human to human speech and physical contact is relatively high, especially in confined spaces, where the risk of infection is even higher and the phenomenon of agglomeration is likely to occur. This is also why half of the confirmed cases in our city are from three families. Therefore, it is absolutely not allowed to gather to play mahjong and have a meal. The masses need to improve their self-awareness of prevention. We should have the consciousness that we are the first responsible person for our health. LV Zhiling said that at present, it is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control, which requires the general public to adhere to it again. When it is too late to stick to it, the more we need to calm down and adjust our mentality, so as to try not to go out or gather. Even if you want to go out, you should wear masks and gloves, try to keep a distance of more than 2 meters when talking with people, avoid rubbing your eyes and picking your nose when your hands are not clean, and wash your hands as soon as possible after you go home.

For many days in a row, citizens mainly rely on the Internet to get information about the epidemic. LV Zhiling reminded that the general public should understand the epidemic information and keep a clear mind through official channels such as Taizhou release and Wenling release. Even in the incubation period, the pneumonia patients infected with the new coronavirus are also infectious. Lu Zhiling hopes that the staff of home-based medical observation should strictly abide by the regulations of home-based medical observation, record and report their physical health on time every day, and not go out according to the regulations. This is not only responsible for themselves, but also for others.

Do not go out, do not contact with outsiders, blocking the transmission of the virus, it will reduce the risk of infection. LV Zhiling felt that the general public did not need to worry and fear too much. They could strengthen exercise at home, improve their body immunity, balance nutrition on diet, strengthen ventilation in the room, adjust their mentality and overcome difficulties together.

On February 2, three leading cadres, including Chen Weiyan, vice mayor of Yueqing City, were seriously investigated and punished for their dereliction of duty and irresponsibility in the epidemic prevention and control work. The relevant information is hereby reported as follows.