Look out! The first discovery of a new type of coronavirus on doorknobs in Guangzhou

 Look out! The first discovery of a new type of coronavirus on doorknobs in Guangzhou

For the first time in Guangzhou, virus nucleic acid was detected on the doorknob, which must be paid attention to! (source: ~)

In order to prevent and control the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia, experts at all levels must do a good job in home cleaning, pay attention to personal hygiene, and now have further evidence. According to a reporter from Guangzhou CDC on March 3, the center found that a new coronavirus 2019-ncov trace appeared on the handle of a patients iron door through the monitoring and inspection of the living environment of the confirmed patient.

These environments are the most vulnerable to pollution

Zhang zhoubin, spokesman and deputy director of Guangzhou CDC, said that with the increase of confirmed and suspected cases in Guangzhou and the need for epidemiological investigation of close contacts. At present, the number of samples received by Guangzhou CDC laboratory has exceeded 600 per day. On the second day, our detection volume reached 660, which is already saturated. If we need to increase the sample size in the next step, we will have to use third-party testing institutions and high-level hospital laboratories for virus detection. .

Zhang said that in addition to the detection of biological samples from patients, suspected patients and other people. According to the needs of epidemiological investigation, the center will also test the living environment of the confirmed patients. For example, the door handle, mobile phone, telephone, faucet, keyboard, etc. which may be frequently touched by patients at home are sampled, and the environment is tested.

A new type of coronavirus nucleic acid was first detected on the doorknob of a confirmed patient in Guangzhou Tuesday. This brings challenges to epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time, it also reminds the general public to take preventive measures, especially home ventilation and cleaning.

Many of us are concerned about how long the virus will survive in the environment after leaving the human body. Instead of focusing on these, its better to develop a good living habit and do a good job in the cleaning, disinfection and personal hygiene of the external environment, said Zhang zhoubin. In addition to the door handle, the previously mentioned mobile phones, telephones, keyboards, tap switches, remote control buttons, etc. all need to be focused on and easily polluted areas.

Close the cover plate and flush the toilet

Earlier, virus nucleic acids were also detected in the feces of patients in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other sister cities in the province. The spread of this disease may also be more diversified. Zhang zhoubin said that whether it is to prevent and control the spread of droplets, contact transmission, or the possible and potential spread of fecal mouth and digestive tract, good hygiene habits are very important.

To prevent the infection of new coronavirus, we should clean our homes, open windows and channels, and wash our hands before and after meals. In particular, do a good job in disinfection of handle, faucet switch, toilet and many other objects that are often in contact with the use.

In the choice of disinfectant, as long as it contains the word Wei Xiao, it can be used for home disinfection and cleaning, and can eliminate the virus.

As for mobile phones, keyboards and other electronic products, disinfection wipes can be used for operation.

The stool detection also suggests that we should pay attention to the habit of flushing the toilet. Be sure to cover the toilet and wash it. Wash hands with hand sanitizer after defecation and with flowing water.

Be sure to answer the 02012320 call in the near future

With the need of epidemic prevention and control, especially the massive data sorting problem after the comprehensive monitoring of fever population, it is very perplexing for the front-line disease control personnel. For example, the recent fever monitoring in Guangzhou subway station can screen more than 2 people with fever symptoms for every 100000 people. For the city wide screening data, the effective data to be sorted out after screening is even more massive.

At present, Guangzhou CDC has launched cooperation with ALI. Alibaba clouds intelligent voice call system is used to follow up fever patients by phone. AI telephone robot will automatically record the problems that need to be understood, prevention and control concerns, and form a table, greatly increasing efficiency.

There is no problem in the early stage of small-scale application, but it needs to prompt the general public to increase cooperation. The citizens received a call with the number of 02012320, which may be a staff member or a robot. Please cooperate with us to answer. We dont sell houses or insurance, we only care about your health, Zhang said.

Delivery within 14 days incubation period of new crown pneumonia diagnosed by a takeout worker in Shenzhen

As of 24:00 on February 1, 196 confirmed cases of pneumonia were reported in Shenzhen. Among them, there were 3 cases of local community communication. In the afternoon of February 2, three cases of community communication were released by Shenzhen CDC. One of the takeout riders was diagnosed and had been delivering takeout for 14 days!