Special spring festival Beijing warm heart insurance: take out platform increases medical orders

 Special spring festival Beijing warm heart insurance: take out platform increases medical orders

Take out platform increases medical orders

This special spring festival brings great challenges to the catering industry. According to a survey conducted by Beijing business daily, a large number of new years Eve meal refunds have occurred in Beijings catering market. Many catering enterprises choose to convert the deposit of new years Eve meal into the stored value card of the restaurant, or to provide new years Eve meal to the door to reduce the loss caused by the cancellation. Some restaurants reduce the loss and reduce the loss of fresh food by selling the stores food.

The take out platform is particularly busy because consumers are less likely to go out. In the past week, Beijing consumers bought more medical supplies and daily necessities through takeout, according to the data provided by famiyou.com. Hungry data show that Beijings medical orders rose 19% month on month. Among them, the take out orders of masks in Beijing increased 50 times on a month on month basis, with 200000 masks sold in total; the take out orders of disinfectants in Beijing increased 7.3 times on a month on month basis, with more than 10000 bottles of disinfectants sold in Beijing in the past week; more than 9600 thermometers sold; cold medicines increased 18% on a month on month basis, with more than 20000 copies of Qingre cold granules sold.

Under special circumstances, the remark information column of take out order has become a channel for consumers to convey the confidence and blessing of anti epidemic. In the past week, there are 924 notes in Beijings orders that remind the delivery boy to pay attention to protection.


Three times more vegetables, 65 times more hand sanitizer

The demand for necessities doubled during the Spring Festival. Wumart, chaoshifa and other enterprises said that the demand for vegetables in the market this year increased about three times compared with the same period of previous years.

According to the data of convenience bee, the sales volume of consumer goods in the store increased in January, which was more than 10 times higher than that in the same period last year. According to the Spring Festival sales data of online platform dmall of Wumei, the sales of anti epidemic and killing goods increased strongly. The sales volume of masks exceeded the sum of the past five years; the sales volume of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes increased 65 times over the same period of last year; the sales volume of disinfectant and disinfectant increased 21 times over the same period of last year; the sales volume of washing liquid, washing powder and washing soap increased 121% over the same period of last year.

Online orders for necessities also grew significantly. The overall distribution volume of Beijing Suning platform increased by 269% year on year. More than 80% of consumers will choose one-time, multi piece, large package purchase when shopping. In terms of terminal delivery, nearly 70% of Beijing Suning logistics couriers stick to their posts during the Spring Festival. In addition, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, drinking water, rice flour and grain oil have become the best-selling commodities. Chaoyang District has the first order volume, followed by Haidian District and Tongzhou District. Haidian buys the most rice, flour, grain and oil.

In addition, Carrefour sold 230000 bottles of disinfectant and 80000 bags of masks during the Chinese Spring Festival.

Online retailers

The epidemic has changed peoples previous life and consumption habits during the Spring Festival. A large number of consumers choose to stay at home for the new year, try to reduce going out, and the demand for commodities for peoples livelihood is rising rapidly.

According to daily Youxian, since the fourth day of the lunar calendar (January 28), the platform can guarantee the supply of at least 5 million fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs every day, and constantly increase the supply. In addition, the purchasing staff stationed in the production area to coordinate production and delivery, and supply more than 300 tons of vegetables to more than 10 cities in China every day on average.

Jingdong home data shows that during the Spring Festival, the sales volume of the whole platform increased by 470% year on year, and frozen foods such as rice, flour, grain, oil, meat, poultry, egg and milk, vegetables and fruits, and dumplings and wonton are all very popular. From New Years Eve to the sixth day of the new year, the sales of vegetables increased by 510% year on year, fruits by over 300%, eggs by 770%, dairy products by 370%, dumplings, wonton and other frozen food sales increased by 790% year on year.

It is worth noting that when e-commerce enterprises strictly supervise the quality and price of commodities, they have no slack in the end delivery time. As the Spring Festival holiday comes to an end, many instant delivery enterprises promise to dispatch and encourage more riders to participate in the delivery through various measures, enhance the transportation capacity of each region, and ensure that there are enough people to deliver orders.


Social channel drainage express delivery

During the Spring Festival, due to the impact of the epidemic, Beijing shopping malls and shopping centers began to seek multi-channel sales. Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that some shopping malls use video, telephone selection, express home and other service forms to meet customers shopping needs.

Beijing Changan Tianjie has set up a shopping wechat group for consumers based on different business types, including fashion clothing, childrens parents and children, life optimization, etc. these groups send pictures and preferential information of new products on the shelves in real time. The store also provides Express home service. In the Wanke Peninsula Plaza in Beijing, the mall combines the on-site merchants to launch the delivery service, including retail and catering formats, such as Lijiabao, UNIQLO, Huawei, Burger King, chase ice room, etc. a total of nearly 60 merchants, to provide customers with the service of SF express delivery home.

In addition, seven stores under Cuiwei Co., Ltd. promise to ensure the business hours, to ensure that the commodities are not out of stock, price rise, continuous filing and accurate replenishment, and to meet customers shopping needs by using various service forms such as video, telephone selection, express delivery home, etc. While guaranteeing the normal operation of offline stores and online shopping malls, Beijing Juntai department store also extended the return and exchange time to 60 days.


During the Spring Festival, 23 domestic enterprises in Beijing encouraged domestic servants to stay in Beijing to provide services in various ways, with more than 50000 people participating in the guarantee.

The enterprises participating in the Spring Festival guarantee have specially assigned persons to answer the service hotline, maintain the app client, answer questions for consumers and solve emergencies in time. Domestic enterprises require those who stay in Beijing to do a good job in disinfection and personal protection before going to work, and do not take public transport. Among them, the housekeepers help requires the service personnel in the household to take the initiative to take the protection responsibility of the employers family health and disinfection, and do a good job of self disinfection; when the aunt comes, she requires the housekeeper to measure the temperature, make records, wear a mask, and do a good job of disinfection after entering the door. Domestic enterprises provide legal and reasonable security and welfare for employees. It is understood that the government will subsidize 400 yuan to reward the domestic workers who stay in Beijing for 16 days or 18 days. The monthly salary of a baby sister-in-law rose from 6000 yuan to 7800 yuan. Chain laundry service providers make operational adjustments. For example, at present, the new East Street store only distributes the washed clothes during the Spring Festival, and no longer receives cleaning.