Hubei Ezhou implemented management and control from 12:00 on the 4th to send one person out every two days

 Hubei Ezhou implemented management and control from 12:00 on the 4th to send one person out every two days

1u3001 Strictly control residents travel. Each family can assign one family member to go on the street to purchase living materials every two days. Other personnel are not allowed to go out except for sick medical treatment, epidemic prevention and control work, working in supermarkets and pharmacies. Residents must wear masks when going out.

2u3001 All Party members and cadres, deputies to the peoples Congress and members of the CPPCC in the main urban area should play a leading role in managing themselves, their families and relatives, driving friends, neighbors, assisting community and community staff to persuade residents to go out less, go to the streets less, not visit or gather as required.

3u3001 The public security organ shall intensify its efforts to crack down on those who refuse to obey the management of community and community staff, do not listen to the dissuasion and gather people to make trouble. If Party members, cadres or public officials are found to be disobedient to management, disobey persuasion, take the lead or participate in mob rioting, they shall submit to the discipline inspection and supervision organ for serious accountability, and at the same time investigate the responsibility of the main person in charge of their unit.

4u3001 The party members and cadres in the community who contact Baobao shall earnestly fulfill the responsibility of Baobao, take the post on time, supervise and guide the community and community staff to do a good job in the management and control of residents going out. Those who fail to perform their duties properly shall be held accountable.

5u3001 The property management unit shall strengthen the management of personnel and vehicles in and out of the property management area and strictly implement the access registration system. For the old residential areas without property management, the local community and the community-based guarantee cadres shall perform the relevant prevention and control duties.

6u3001 Hubei urban area, sub district offices and departments directly under the municipal government should strengthen publicity, guide the masses to consciously stay at home, avoid unnecessary activities, and take more effective measures to cut off the transmission of the virus.

The time of deregulation will be notified later.

Gedian Development Zone shall be implemented by comparison.

Pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of new coronavirus infection in Ezhou City

February 2, 2020