Sun Wenkai, Professor of the National Peoples Congress: how should enterprises deal with the epidemic?

 Sun Wenkai, Professor of the National Peoples Congress: how should enterprises deal with the epidemic?

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Netease Research Bureau: how to look at the development of various industries under the epidemic situation? How should enterprises deal with the epidemic?

Sun Wenkai: at present, the tertiary industry accounts for nearly 60% of GDP, among which wholesale and retail, education and training, finance, real estate, leasing, transportation, cultural entertainment and catering are the most important sectors in the tertiary industry. In recent years, Chinas economic growth mainly depends on the growth of the tertiary industry. The epidemic has an impact on primary, secondary and tertiary industries, mainly the tertiary industry, and other industries through the producer services and industrial chain in the tertiary industry. Finally, it will have a great impact on the overall economic growth.

In the tertiary industry, wholesale and retail, transportation, culture and entertainment, and catering are all important sectors to absorb employment and create output value. During the Spring Festival, the tourism industry was suspended; the transportation industry also suffered a huge impact, with the number of Spring Festival passengers halved year-on-year; the catering industry also lost the best profit opportunities; cultural entertainment, education and training were equally affected by avoiding population agglomeration. Other industries are affected to varying degrees.

As the holiday is extended for about one week, it also has a great impact on the production of the manufacturing industry and the construction of the construction industry. At the same time, due to the impact of transport and other producer services, the logistics required by the secondary industry also has a negative impact. Due to the blocking of transportation, the input of raw materials and output of products will also be affected.

The epidemic will also affect the investment behavior of enterprises through expectation, forming a long-term adverse impact on the economy. If it is listed as an international epidemic area, it will have a negative impact on exports, attracting investment and foreign investment.

At this time, the government should take all-round measures to support the enterprises, share the losses caused by the epidemic among the whole people, and form a substantial solidarity.

First of all, the government should do its best to curb the epidemic, deal with the adverse phenomena in the process of the epidemic, and give confidence to enterprises and residents.

Second, unnecessary traffic interruption should be reduced. As the most important producer service industry, the transportation industry is related to the development of various industries, and the logistics should be released orderly.

The most important, direct and timely means is that the government should increase direct subsidies to enterprises. The epidemic will affect the overall situation and affect the employment and overall economic life after the impact on the performance of enterprises. The cost should be shared by the whole people. It is very necessary for the government to directly subsidize enterprises.

For enterprises, first of all, they should be confident in the control of the epidemic by the state. In addition, it is suggested to actively respond to the epidemic situation through the following ways:

First of all, flexible working system shall be implemented during the epidemic period to restore production and sales as much as possible. Such as remote work, flexible wages, appropriate increase of contract orders and other flexible content.

Third, we should actively develop products and technologies to cope with the epidemic.

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