Government coordination team: full load production of Jiangsu key enterprises of prevention and control materials

 Government coordination team: full load production of Jiangsu key enterprises of prevention and control materials

The Management Committee of the local development zone also sent personnel to play a soothing role in the enterprise, to coordinate and help the problems encountered by the enterprise in the special period in the first time, to ensure that the production line is fully started, and the follow-up new production capacity is quickly kept up.

On the afternoon of January 27, Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology organized four working groups to go to Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou, Zhenjiang and other places to promote the resumption of production and production of protective materials production enterprises, and completed the first batch of materials to assist Hubei according to the national requirements.

In less than 20 minutes, a number of local government people from all over the country, as well as hospital and pharmacy purchasers, have been waiting in the conference room for an interview with the head of the enterprise. The number of visitors required is calculated by ten thousand. The superior has allowed direct on-site purchase of the most urgent medical products. A person from a county in Anhui Province in Yangtze River Delta said to the 21st century economic reporter that he had been looking for mask resources along the Shanghai Nanjing line around the Spring Festival.

According to the latest report of CCID consultant, a unit directly under CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Chinas annual output of masks accounts for about 50% of the worlds total, with a maximum daily output of more than 20 million masks. In Chinas mask industry chain, Jiangsu has the most upstream and midstream enterprises, 13 and 24 respectively. The report also pointed out that there are three main reasons for the current short-term shortage of masks: first, the lack of early reserves; second, the lack of start-up during the Spring Festival holiday; third, the lack of awareness of people on the choice of masks in different environments.

On February 2, a manager of Nanjing Xiansheng drugstore in Jiangdong middle road told 21st century economic reporter that since the last batch was sold four days ago, all mask products are still out of stock at present, and customers registered in the appointment system can only be guaranteed in priority, but the arrival time of the next batch is still uncertain. The store manager said that as long as the masks come from the companys channels, they will be sold at the original price.

Full load production of key enterprises

Respirator is the first line of defense to prevent respiratory infectious diseases, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection by new coronavirus.

A batch of goods purchased in an emergency before the Spring Festival is only about a week, and there is no goods when you want to purchase again later. Its good that employees can buy some masks through various channels and support them for a period of time. Said the vice president.

Similarly, due to the insufficient production capacity of protective products such as masks in China, many enterprises focus on foreign countries and still face the situation of no goods supply after the completion of the first batch of procurement.

Israels advanced protective clothing costs 1000 yuan / set when it is transported to China, which is used in the resistance against Ebola. The person in charge of a precision instrument manufacturer told reporters.

The head nurse of a county-level public hospital said that before, the medical masks were general materials in the hospital, and they were never scarce. The departments usually took them at will, changed them one day, and reported to the general affairs department. However, since the outbreak of the epidemic, they have been very nervous, only one hand has to sign to get them, and there is a limited supply. If there is no operation in the non epidemic departments, one person can get them every day One.

In some private hospitals, the supplies for epidemic prevention and control can only be obtained from the places designated by the local health committee system, on the afternoon of February 1, we got 5 liters of medical alcohol, 400 disinfectant tablets and some medical masks. Suqian a private hospital director told reporters.

At present, the working groups sent by Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology to 13 districts and cities have been fully stationed in key enterprises, to ensure that the enterprises urgently in need of products in epidemic situation can fully develop their horsepower, and to urge the raw material manufacturers in Jiangsu Province to strengthen the supply of key materials.

The normal production has been resumed now, but the operation is not at full capacity, mainly because some workers from other places still need to be isolated and observed after being recalled in an emergency. Now through the health care commission to buy a batch of rapid diagnosis agent of the epidemic situation, is checking on the field staff, and in a few days will be able to all online. Jiangyin medical equipment enterprise sales director said.

Zhu Yuanguo, the person in charge of duty of Jianyu medical science and technology in Suzhou, said that as the only enterprise in Jiangsu Province with professional medical protective clothing production qualification, the staff arrival rate has exceeded 80%. At present, the next batch is being rushed to the main epidemic area.

Yuyue technology, a listed company of medical devices in Zhenjiang, has been back to work in advance. It has set up a command center of epidemic prevention and control materials with the first leader as the commander in chief, to dispatch the emergency production task of producing more than ten kinds of epidemic prevention medical devices at full capacity.

In the past few days, the 21st century economic reporter has interviewed 13 cities in Jiangsu Province. Under the unified arrangement of the provincial departments, the production enterprises of masks, protective clothing, medical isolation masks, medical isolation goggles, infrared thermometers, therapeutic drugs, Chinese herbal pieces, disinfectants, negative pressure ambulances, etc. in each jurisdiction are all in the process of resuming production and reaching production, and the key enterprises are fully promoting full load operation. For example, Taizhou City issued a notice that there have been three resumption of production of four mask manufacturers in the jurisdiction, one of which is to resume production in the near future, four of which have all resumed production, and three diagnostic reagent enterprises have maintained continuous production.

In addition, the reporter learned in the interview that many executives of large-scale private enterprises use the remote office system to stand by at any time.

Phase breakthrough of medical license

A local government industry and Information Department told reporters that medical masks are mainly targeted at specific groups of people, with limited annual consumption, and belong to industries with low economic added value but high social attribute. However, it is impossible for the national and local governments to arrange industrial projects according to the current demand.

In fact, from the interviews of 21st century economic reporters, under the management of medical equipment franchise system, there is no domestic medical equipment manufacturer that takes medical masks as the priority products.

In the actual operation of medical treatment, the medical protective mask with the highest level of protection is used for the treatment of infectious diseases; if the doctor has invasive operation (i.e. see blood), such as hanging water, puncture, etc., it must be equipped with medical surgical mask; in the ward round and outpatient, the disposable general medical mask is often used, and it will be discarded after use.

A middle-level person in Nanjing No.1 Hospital told reporters that the hospital must use N95 level medical masks, goggles and other higher-level medical products in the new coronavirus epidemic isolation area, especially for the treatment of patients with severe pneumonia.

From the interview of the 21st century economic reporter, it can be seen that the key enterprises dispatched by the industry and information technology department are mainly engaged in the production of medical protective products such as medical masks. For example, for the enterprises in Lishui District, the government has allocated two screw rod air compressors to expand the reproduction of medical masks in the clean workshop.

It is now being produced in accordance with the requirements of the government to fully guarantee the raw material demand of the mask factory. Tao Guoping, chairman and general manager of Jiangnan high fiber, told reporters of the 21st century economic report.

A person from the Management Committee of the Development Zone said that at the same time of the rapid increase in the rate of enterprises returning to work, it is not heard that the food and Drug Administration will issue more medical device product registration certificates and production licenses so that more enterprises can be qualified to produce medical masks, but the local government has been trying to break through some frameworks.

In an interview with 21st century economic report, it was learned that 75% alcohol has a good prevention and control effect on the new crown epidemic. On February 1, the main leaders of a county in Jiangsu agreed that a private distillery just completed the equity restructuring in the jurisdiction would dilute high concentration alcohol into 75% medical alcohol products, and the government would carry out targeted sales in stages according to the local epidemic prevention and control needs. At present, the production and sale of medical alcohol must first obtain the chemical product license and the disinfection product production enterprise health license.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Chen Hequn, nb12679