Another movie premiered online: Fat Dragon crossing the river on iqiyi

 Another movie premiered online: Fat Dragon crossing the river on iqiyi

Fat Dragon crossing the river is directed by Tanigaki Kenji, action director of catch the demon 2 and starred by Zhen Zidan, Mao Shunyun, Zhou Liqi and Wang Jing. It was originally planned to be released in mainland China on Valentines day. As for why the film was chosen for the lead screening, iqiyi related personnel told surging news (www.thepaper. CN): we have always maintained a long-term close cooperation with Director Wang Jing, and both sides trust each other and are willing to create new models together. This movie is a typical Hong Kong Style comedy. Its full of interesting points. When Donnie Yen turns into a 250kg fat man, he still attacks the Japanese underworld easily. We hope to accompany the users at home with this wonderful martial arts and comedy movie, so that everyone can relax their tension properly.

Its not the first movie to go online. Affected by the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, all seven films for the Spring Festival this year were withdrawn, and more film consumption demand turned online. On January 25, the original movie lost Mom scheduled to go online in the cinema has been broadcasted in the headline app for free.

As for whether or not the platform will launch the films ahead of time, iqiyi said that there is no further project to be announced at present.

Song Jia, general manager of iqiyi film center, said, the outbreak of this Spring Festival is a test for the whole country and the film market. Many users stay at home and have a strong demand for high-quality films. We hope to attract excellent films and meet the needs of users through the online payment advanced point show mode. At the same time, this innovative attempt of pay ahead point shows is not only for the epidemic period, but also for the sustainable and healthy development of Chinese film industry. We are flexible and open in the cooperation mode for excellent and popular movies.