Liu Songren, 70, was exposed to a stroke. His wife, 50, accompanied him to the rehabilitation center

 Liu Songren, 70, was exposed to a stroke. His wife, 50, accompanied him to the rehabilitation center

According to the report, Liu Songrens recovery progress is a little slow, and now it is still inconvenient to move. The two couples go to the rehabilitation center by car. When they are ready to get off, Liu Songren opens the door and waits for his wife in the front seat to come to help him get off in the back seat.

Liu Songren walked into the rehabilitation center with his wifes help. Compared with a month ago, he didnt change much. He held a crutch in his left hand, clenched his fist in his right hand and bent his fingers.

Liu Songren stayed for about 5 hours, and left the scene at 5 p.m. with his wifes support.

It can be seen from the picture that Liu Songrens action is a little slow, but his spirit is good. There is a big wound on the eyebrow of his right eye, which is pasted with adhesive tape. It is estimated that he was injured when he fell down before.

Reporter came forward to greet Liu Songren, he smiled back a better..

When the reporter asked him how he recovered, he didnt respond.

Liu Songren and his wife had been photographed by the reporter all the time. When they got downstairs, Liu Songren wanted to walk forward as fast as he knew the reporter was filming. But his wife was very worried and ran to him quickly and helped him upstairs.

It is reported that Liu Songren, a 70 year old veteran male star, suffered a stroke in Hong Kong media. His right hand and right foot lost their ability to move. He had to rely on crutches to walk.

Step by step: Huang AMA is exposed to a stroke! Liu Songren, 70, responds

Recently, according to Hong Kong media, Liu Songren, the actor of step by step emperor amah, was said to have suffered a stroke. He not only needed crutches, but also lost a lot of weight. Liu Songren completed the musical Matteo Ricci part2 in 8 consecutive performances on December 12, finally realizing his dream in his heart for many years. However, it is not known whether Liu Songren, 70, cant bear the heavy workload of coaching. He has to walk on crutches.