Chengdu earthquake with m s5.1: more than 10 million sects sent to the epicenter

 Chengdu earthquake with m s5.1: more than 10 million sects sent to the epicenter

Sichuan Seismological Bureau dispatched a working group.

@At about 1:00 a.m., CCTV News reported that as of 1:00 a.m., Chengdu fire rescue workers had arrived in Qingquan town and huaikou Town, and no house collapse or casualties were found.

According to the Sichuan Seismological Bureau, the earthquake is particularly strong in Chengdu. According to the thermal map of the population, more than 40 million people feel the earthquake. The epicenter is located near Yunding Township and Qingquan Town, 14 kilometers away from Jintang County, 31 kilometers away from Guanghan City and 38 kilometers away from Chengdu City.

At present, the first four people of the site working group of Sichuan Seismological Bureau have left for the epicenter.

According to the information of Chengdu fire rescue detachment, the detachment has launched the emergency plan and dispatched its own level - Communication: 1 vehicle for 4 people; heavy duty team: 6 vehicles for 20 people; Jintang: 6 vehicles for 31 people (1 national team, 2 full-time teams); Qingbaijiang: 20 vehicles for 90 people (1 national team, 3 full-time teams), and Jintang Zhaoyang road fire station has dispatched vehicles to the scene. In addition, 37 people from 7 vehicles of Meishan Branch earthquake rescue light search and rescue team have gathered and are waiting.

03:27 according to Sichuan:

So far, no casualties have been reported. After preliminary verification, one house collapsed in Nanyue village of Fuhong town (original Renhe township), some houses cracked, some rural roads were damaged, and some power and communication base stations were damaged. At present, emergency repair is under way.

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