No need to run the business department, securities companies do not provide on-site transaction business online processing temporarily

 No need to run the business department, securities companies do not provide on-site transaction business online processing temporarily

A number of securities companies said to the Shanghai stock exchange that they would resume the business of outlets from the opening of the market on the 3rd, and implement the appointment system for handling business near the counter.

A person from the sales department said that he has received the notice from the headquarters: the employees of the sales department rotate to work, and the on-site business needs to be booked by phone and arranged for peak staggering; for the business that does not need to be handled on-site, he should inform the Internet to handle it by SMS; before entering the business place, he needs to take the temperature, and the normal one can enter.

It is reported that the business outlets of Huatai Securities will resume business on February 3, but it has suspended relevant on-site trading services and on-site business processing. In addition, Haitong Securities, Societe Generale Securities and Guotai Junan also made it clear that they would not provide on-site trading services for the time being.

For businesses that must be handled on the spot, Dongguan securities specially reminds investors that they should make an appointment in advance to reduce cross infection. Dongguan Securities said that if there are investors who need to handle business on the OTC market, they should contact their business department in advance to make an appointment, and handle business on the OTC market according to the appointment time, so as to avoid the gathering of on-site personnel in the business department.

When investors go to the site of the business department, they shall take health protection measures according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, such as wearing masks, disinfecting and washing hands, and cooperate with them to receive temperature test. The business department has the right to refuse to provide on-site services to investors who have fever or other suspected symptoms or who have not made an appointment.

Online processing + full time service

Push online service is the main measure for securities companies to prevent and control the epidemic, such as GF Securities, which lists more than 70 online business hall business projects, including account opening, margin trading, stock options, product services, PC terminal processing, etc.

Everbright Securities also said it will provide full-time online processing services for more than 20 businesses, including account opening, gem transfer, transaction password reset, ID card validity update, contact information update, etc., to reduce the frequency of on-site customer processing.

Guoyuan securities also provides a number of off-site customer service channels, including 3-minute quick account opening, transaction mode opening, statement, ID card upgrade, password modification, etc. Investors can also access the business handling platform through mobile app, computer trading software, official website of the company and other online channels, and handle off-site businesses such as gem transfer, science and technology innovation board opening, and Hong Kong stock connect opening.