Premier League - new signings sun Xingpeng breaks the door and kneels down at Tottenham 2-0 win over 10 Man City

 Premier League - new signings sun Xingpeng breaks the door and kneels down at Tottenham 2-0 win over 10 Man City

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In this game, for Tottenham, sun Xingge led the start, and 30 million new aid belwin made his debut; for Manchester City, Aguero played with sterling, maheres and debrone in midfield. It is worth mentioning that this game is also the 23rd competition between the two managers Mourinho and Guardiola. The eighth minute, maheres right road after a long pass from roderi oblique plug, debrao inserted into the forbidden area near the bottom line of the right foot burst out. One minute later, Walker crossed the right side of the front court, and Agueros angry right foot shot near the penalty spot was blocked. In the 10th minute, the left side of Stirlings forbidden area was invaded, and the referee on duty had no indication.

In the 25th minute, debroyne slammed the door with his right foot in the middle of the front court, the angle was too much for Lori. In the 27th minute, Sanchez made a mistake. Debrauer cut the ball and then made a precise straight plug. Aguero got the ball on the right side of the penalty area and pushed it with his right foot. The ball hit the post hard and bounced back to the field. Manchester City missed the chance to break the goal. In the 36th minute, debrao knocked back on the left side of the front court, the left foot curled ball near the arc of the maherez penalty area was blocked, the ball was knocked horizontally on the right side of the jingduoan penalty area, the low shot of the right foot at the front of the Aguero small penalty area was blocked again, the left side of the Aguero penalty area leaned against oriyes back to take the ball and fell to the ground, which was ignored by the referee on duty.

In the 38th minute, two minutes after the two teams took turns to attack, the referee on duty overturned his previous penalty at the prompt of VaR, and thought that Olivier had fouled Aguero, pointing straight to 12 yards and awarded Manchester City a penalty. Later, Jing Duoans right foot push shot was put out by Lori, and the right side of Stirlings forbidden area followed and tried to make up the shot, but Lori fell to the ground. Manchester City players have come forward to ask for a penalty, the two players even had a small-scale conflict, but the referee on duty after checking var that Lori did not foul. At the end of the first half, the two sides handed each other a blank 0-0.

In the second half, the two sides changed sides and fought again. In the 49th minute, Stirling took a pass from his teammate and pushed forward with the ball to the right side of the forward edge of the forbidden area. Taganga ran into Lori when he chased him back. Then the right side of Agueros forbidden area received a cross from his teammate and was blocked. The left foot of the ball in the middle of jingduoans forbidden area pushed the empty door. In the 60th minute, the corner on the right side of Manchester City was cut off by wenks, who then quickly took the ball to fight back, and zinchenkos tactical foul tripped him to the ground. When the referee on duty took out a yellow card warning, zinchenko was sent off with two yellow changes and one red changes, and Manchester City was forced to fight with 10 people.

In the 63rd minute, the right side of the box was cleared by Feynman City players. The ball was picked from the outside of Lucas. The chest of the box was stopped. Then the right foot volleyed through the door. Tottenham took the lead, 1-0! It was belwins first goal for Tottenham.

In the 71st minute, ndong Belle left side of the front court straight plug, sun Xingpeng left side of the restricted area to get the ball right foot push shot, the ball hit Walker refracted into the net, spurs expanded the score, 2-0! It was suns seventh Premier League goal of the season, with Asias king of heaven scoring at Manchester City for two consecutive seasons.

Then gersus came on to replace maheres. In the 84th minute, sterling was unable to insist on being replaced by Bernardo Silva due to injury. At the end of the game, Manchester City lost 2-0 away to Tottenham.

Tottenham (4-3-3): 1-lori / 39-tanganga, 6-davinson-sanchez, 4-aldeveled, 24-oriye / 18-lotelso, 8-wenks, 23 belwin / 7-sun Xingyun, 27 little Lucas (8415-dell), 20 Ali (7028-ndombelle)

Manchester City (4-3-3): 31 Edson / 2 walker, 25 Fernando, 30 Otamendi, 11 zinchenko / 17 debrone, 8 jingdoan, 16 rodry / 7 Sterling (8420 Bernardo Silva), 10 Aguero (6427 cannello), 26 maheres (729 Gesus)

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