Battle of defense begins to broadcast the most powerful military blockbuster in 2020

 Battle of defense begins to broadcast the most powerful military blockbuster in 2020

I believe everyone is familiar with prison break, which is a global hit. Robert Knapp, the actor of T-Bag, a high intelligence villain, is here! T-Bag in prison break is cruel and abnormal. Robert Knapps role in the movie defending war is no less fierce than T-Bag. He plays Kadeer, the leader of human traffickers, who is extremely vicious. He kidnaps women and sells them as sex slaves for profit. In the film, the Chinese security team launched a fierce battle with the kader team to save the female hostage.

This is Robert Knapps first time to film in China. In addition to prison break, he has participated in many large-scale production action films, such as special forces, extraordinary peddler 3 and so on. In order to invite the Hollywood actor, the actor made a lot of contacts with the Hollywood trade union in the early stage of the film. After months of communication, he finally invited the actor to China. He has made great contributions to the films acting skills, and has made a thorough description of the villain of human traffickers.

The villains are cruel and fierce, with the help of the local forces in Africa. The Chinese security team is brave and good at fighting. The fighting between the two forces has become the highlight of the film. The wonderful fighting between the two sides can be called trump card vs trump card.

Focus on Chinese security team for the first time to show the sadness and joy of overseas security personnel

The overseas Chinese security team, who are nimble and well-trained, is stationed overseas all the year round to provide security services for people. There are many reasons for them to leave their hometown and live and die overseas, some for seeking relatives and some for providing a better life for their families.

We pay little attention to this group, and even there is little ink in films, TV programs and literary works. The defending war not only shows their extremely high professional spirit, such as dedication, loyalty, bravery, etc., but also shows their extremely delicate and moving side, such as brotherhood and love, as well as some vivid and lovely life details in zhahei. The security team, as a lone hero, goes deep into the tigers lair. In the midst of gunfire, life hangs in front of them at many times, which is a strong contrast with the warm daily life.

The war scene is intense and lifelike, the love in the war is beautiful and touching

Many people who click to open this movie will have such an exclamation: the story logic is rigorous, playing boxing to meat, and the gunfight scene is very realistic. Its true that in order to achieve better shooting results, the film defending war even went to Africa, Morocco and Yinchuan, China, for setting in the desert, which is quite rare in the production of online films. Professional actors and attentive production team determine that this hanzhan is a work of excellent quality.

In addition to the brave and loyal Chinese tough guy shown in this film, several female characters are also very bright. Xie Xintongs team doctor Gu has a general understanding of the overall situation. He can fight with a gun externally, be gentle inside like water, make steel into flexible fingers, and Ding Xiaohongs love is touching.

In this turbulent country, although life and death are always in the front line, there are still many forces that warm us. These forces will always come from the country, friends and lovers.

Defending war is produced by Huzhou Fenglei culture media Co., Ltd., Beijing taomeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yihe human nature film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. It is exclusively publicized and released by taomeng galaxy, directed by Xie Yunpeng, starred by Chinese and foreign famous actors such as Xie Yunpeng, Robert Knapp, Thomas, Shi Zhaoqi, Wang Yutian, Dong Nina, Xie Xintong, etc. Tencent video today Its an exclusive premiere. Its worth watching. Dont miss it!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie