Han Hong proved that public welfare can be clean

 Han Hong proved that public welfare can be clean

These are the most common impressions of Han Hong by ordinary Chinese. Han Hong, a singer, thats all.

Before the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, few people knew that Han Hong was a philanthropist who was keen on public welfare.

Recently, a micro blog wrote, only materials from Han Hong have been received! And its the first batch of Star Materials , which is impressive.

Wuhan hospital receives material / microblog screenshot of Han Hongs team

In this Wuhan material rescue, Hanhong Charity Foundation bypassed the middlemen and directly sent the materials to the front line of epidemic prevention, bringing timely rain to the hospital.

Its not a Star Charity newsletter. Han Hong has been doing public welfare for 20 years. When all kinds of disasters happen, there are Han Hong and the rescue team running on the front line.

The most widely spread screenshot in these two days is Han Hongs words in an interview with front line people in 2017: we have our own foundation, we know that the original package of instant noodles can be publicized, why dont you do it?

Han Hongs biggest experience and lesson in charity

Han Hongs idea of public welfare is: take money with your own hands and give it to the people..

People suddenly found that Han Hong, its really not simple.

Han Hongs songs have a wide spread. Ordinary people can hum seven or eight songs at will.

Qinghai Tibet Plateau is not Han Hongyuans song, but Han Hongs version is the kind of song that everyone loves to challenge merciless iron lung in KTV.

Han Hong, born in 1971, Tibetan, formerly known as Yangjin Zhuoma. Yongxi, Han Hongs mother, is a Tibetan singer, who is well known for his creation and singing of the golden mountain in Beijing. My father is a crosstalk performer of the battle flag song and dance troupe of Chengdu Military Region.

Han Hong and her mother sing the golden mountain in Beijing

But with the death of her father and the remarriage of her mother, she was sent to Beijing at the age of 9 and lived with her grandmother.

Han Hong joined the Music Department of the Art College of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army at the age of 24 and studied with Li Shuangjiang. Before that, she also participated in singing competitions of all sizes, with fair results, but the judges were not satisfied with her image.

On the program, she showed her good voice and was found to have started to produce the first disc, snow light. You must have heard the first sentence of the discs main song Hometown: my hometown is in Shigatse, where there is a beautiful river.

You may not be able to sing this song, but you must have hummed hum, hum, bamihong or Hometown in the chorus

Her singing seems to take you to the vast Tibetan hillside immediately, where the colorful prayer flags are flying.

Later on, you should have heard her several works: the dawn, the beautiful myth and the way of heaven.

In 2017, Han Hong, as a musical composer, was invited to participate in the 71st Tony Award and was the only representative of Asia. Tony Award, which sounds cool, is the same as Oscar and Grammy. Musical phantom of opera and Lion King are all winning works [2].

It is such a representative figure on the mainstream stage, a soprano and tender singer, who is short of money.

In the impression of ordinary people, stars are not bad for money. But Han Hong admitted that he had donated nothing.

Take Han Hongs one hundred people assistance project as an example. There are literally hundreds of people who take people to donate money and materials. On average, 5000 people need to be rescued at one time, and each time more than 20 million people need to be rescued [3].

Although I like singing and show my sincerity and dedication, Im a singer, a variety show, is also for making money and public welfare.

Han Hong performed at a super high level in the program, cloud of hometown / I am a singer

All this stems from Han Hongs greed and hopes to give her more wealth [4].

In this way, she can continue to do public welfare with money.

Main business for public welfare, sideline singing

If one day, you have money and ability, you must come back to help Changdu people, said the dependent grandmother

Therefore, in 2011, Han Hong launched the one hundred people aid Tibet activity.

In 2011, the first fuming center was established in Changdu, Tibet / Hanhong Charity Foundation official website

One hundred people aid Tibet is just the first stop of her one hundred people public welfare series. From her hometown, it is the first step of her ambition to help the Midwest.

Han Hong charity foundation was founded in 2012. In the eight years since the 100 people medical aid series was launched, it has assisted 103 counties and cities in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi and other eight provinces [5].

Patient registration form of Sichuan aid project for 100 people, Han Hongs team is to actually do things / microblog @ Han Hong, Changdu, Tibet

Han Hong does public welfare. He doesnt go to a place, donate something and take a picture. They really do things.

Open Han Hongs public welfare video, you can see her crying, or with tears. Han Hong has always stressed that what he has done is nothing great. Natural and man-made disasters come, especially suddenly, there is no way to stand by..

In Yanchi County, Ningxia, a patient with colon cancer obstruction is in danger of life. The Foundation invited medical experts for treatment / microblog @ Han Hong Charity Foundation

During the Wenchuan earthquake, Han Hong personally donated 3.3 million yuan to Wenchuan for rescue five times. All the income from the concert was also donated to Wenchuan, and money and materials were also sent to the front-line people to rest assured [6, 7].

After the Wenchuan earthquake, public welfare became Han Hongs main business. Yushu earthquake in Qinghai, Zhouqu mudslide in Gansu, Yingjiang earthquake in Yunnan Every time she was involved in the rescue.

During the Yaan earthquake rescue, she went to the front line again, missed the last side with her stepfather, and her mother could not understand her. Although there are regrets, Han Hong has obviously turned love of small family into a kind of fraternity.

In 2018, Hanhong Foundation organized a large-scale project of one hundred people help Shaanxi, we will accompany you through 61 free clinic project, warm autumn and heavy sun public welfare project of respecting the elderly and respecting the elderly and accompany you through winter project of sympathy to sanitation workers, in which almost every Hanhong will participate [8].

Screenshot of 100 people aid series / Hanhong Charity Foundation

Who can devote her time to public welfare so generously? She is still a star, not a full-time village director.

In 2010, they went to Zhouqu to visit the disaster area, but they were hit by a car accident, but Han Hong and his party got out of the car and still insisted on delivering the materials to the disaster area. After that, I went back to Beijing to check for suspected slight concussion [9].

In the process of free clinic, Han Hong called out to the pharmacy to take medicine, like every ordinary volunteer. Just like her singing devotion, she does public welfare by herself and wholeheartedly.

Han Hong is a public welfare daughter and mother facing terminal illness, crying and helpless

In this Wuhan pneumonia assistance, Han Hong became ill again. She was really tired.

Some people will regret that Han Hong has no children of his own, but Han Hong has supported more than 200 children and become their mother. On October 3, 1999, 14 passengers were killed in a cable car accident in Malinghe scenic area of Guizhou Province. A young couple picked up their two-and-a-half-year-old child. Han Hong adopted a two-year-old boy who lost his parents.

Its daylight is based on this story. Her voice is pure and powerful, I saw my parents go so far, leaving me in this strange world, I would like to build a beautiful garden for him.

Ouyang Xiaojin, a myelodysplastic syndrome patient at the 2014 one hundred aid youth free clinic, recovered with the help of the foundation for two years / Weibo @ Hanhong Charity Foundation

Han Hongs childhood is not happy, but her love others is almost instinctive.

Han Hong, 9, took a three-day and three night train from Sichuan to Beijing to join her grandmother. The train had to go through many caves. She was still afraid of caves for many years, but she built a beautiful garden for so many strange children.

All the money is gone, no return. The world kisses me with pain, and I return it with songs. Its Han Hong.

Han Hong also faces a lot of questions, many people said she was making a show. However, it is not low-key, which is the characteristics of Hanhong charity foundation [10].

In 2015, the team of one hundred people to help you was a large team composed of famous doctors, stars, media, famous representatives, etc. [10].

In the one hundred people aid Shaanxi project, star volunteers Chen Ming, Chen Xiao, Cheng Lisa, Guangliang, Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Xin, Jijie, Jinchi, Li Xiaoyun, Tan Weiwei, Wang ou, Wang Zhengliang, Xiao Shenyang, Yuan Quan and Zhang Yishan all followed [11].

Yi Jianqian Xi participated in Han Hongs one hundred people help Ning medical treatment project, and also sent warm / micro BLOG @ Han Hong charity foundation to sanitation workers in the early morning of winter

It is precisely because of the high-profile, let all things exposed to the spotlight and accept peoples scrutiny and supervision, people also believe in Han Hong more. Occasionally show may overturn, but show life, that is to do things.

Yang Mi posted his donation record on the Internet and was scolded by netizens as a show. Han Hong went back angrily: Why question it? Who doubts who will donate [12]. Indeed, if you do good deeds, you still need to sneak around. Which is the best way?

In the one hundred people aid Sichuan project, Han Hong visited the Red Army martyrs cemetery with caring volunteers. Han Hong is also delivering values / microblog @ Han Hong Charity Foundation

According to the China Foundation transparency index ranking provided by the Research Center for integrity and governance of Tsinghua University, in 2016, Beijing Hanhong Charity Foundation ranked first with a full score of 100. And the average score of more than 5000 companies in China is 43 [13].

On the website of Hanhong charity foundation, the annual report and monthly report of the organization will be published in time. Open the official website of the foundation and you will find a detail. You can find the QR code of wechat and Weibo on each page. These channels closest to you are updating the daily newspaper.

Every day when the information is made public, the progress of the assistance is updated, which reflects Han Hongs determination to do public welfare thoroughly. The money should be sent to the front line by hand, and the information should be made public, and it should also be pushed to the place where ordinary people can open it at will.

Health newspaper prepared for residents assistance, truly comprehensive and practical / Weibo @ Hanhong Charity Foundation

Ordinary peoples hard-earned money, even if its a dime, should be used where they really need it.

In terms of information disclosure, the foundation publishes financial reports, management systems, collection details, annual reports of institutions and conference bulletins.

Moreover, financial publicity is simple, direct and open to the public. The annual report of the foundations institutions records the activities, achievements and assets audit of that year, speaking with numbers, and also makes the annual report readable by means of graphic manual.

2018 annual report / screenshot of Han Hong Charity Foundation

Because of trust, more and more people are willing to cooperate with Han Hong.

The volunteers of Han Hong love rescue team have grown from the first five to more than 100 in 2010. In the aid to Xinjiang, Han Hong persuaded Song Qingling foundation to provide funds [14].

Han Hong Charity Foundation launched the project of focusing on Alzheimers disease. Han Hong also released the album love of Alzheimers memory to raise money for the project [15].

Han Hongs Tony Award-winning show love of Alzheimer is her musical for the project.

The musical Alzheimers love focuses on Alzheimers patients, Han Hong composes music, and also makes publicity / network for the project

The Han Hong foundation is once again on the front line of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Up to now, the eighth batch of materials of Hanhong foundation has arrived in Wuhan and surrounding cities, is being distributed, and the ninth batch is on the way. More than 270 million good funds from caring people in the society have been publicized in time, the foundation said, and then a special audit team will be invited to audit [16].

Being able to drive stars to do public welfare also proves Han Hongs influence.

As of the evening of January 26, the list of 103 literary and art workers has been donated, and subsequent new donations have also been publicized / microblog @ Han Hong Charity Foundation

Han Hong is not a person without black material. She was frustrated by internet violence for violating traffic regulations. She doesnt understand why after so many things have been done, people will still talk to her because of her unintentional mistakes [14].

There is no good in the world that does not need to be protected. Just as Dr. Zhang Wenhong said, we cant bully the obedient, we cant let the good people cool down.

You know, there are not many people like Han Hong who do public welfare seriously and cleanly.

If Han Hong is making a show for public welfare, then he hopes that such a show will be more and more.

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