Wuhan poets in the epidemic: unable to write poems in the epidemic

 Wuhan poets in the epidemic: unable to write poems in the epidemic

Xiaoyin, formerly Wang Chaohui, was born in 1969. In addition to being a poet, he is also a teacher in the school of civil engineering of Wuhan University. During the closing of the city in Wuhan, he continued to record the true situation of Wuhan on his WeChat public account at a frequency of one day, which attracted peoples attention.

At the same time, on the basis of good protective measures, he and his friends took many photos for Wuhan during the closure period, hoping to record this history and spread timely information to the outside world.

In recent two days, I have seen a lot of news from all over the country after seeing the Fengcheng in Wuhan. Those direct and real photos and videos have made me very depressed. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, I have repeatedly reminded myself not to write articles impulsively and emotionally. But yesterday to today, I cried twice. Its unbelievable. Xiaoyin told the surging news reporter.

What makes him feel is that in front of life, the money, power and reputation that people used to pursue are no longer important, and people begin to cherish the most precious family and friends around them. The first time he wept was when he saw a report about the epidemic: a girls mother died in the hospital with the new coronavirus, and her father also got it because of taking care of her mother. After seeing off her mother, the girl and her father stopped at the side of the road in various kinds of cars, but they could only open the window with four eyes and could not speak. Finally, the girl went to her brother. The navigation positions of the two people overlapped, but one was on the viaduct and the other was under the viaduct.

Another time, seeing the movie lost Mom, the son of an entrepreneur offends his mother, while the mother still stubbornly tolerates and tries to correct the child. After reading it, he couldnt help but call his parents and ask them if they had enough vegetables to eat. Would you like to send them some.

Mother said on the phone, no problem, enough for a week. Before I could speak, she began to ask me, how are you? Hows your son? I asked her what I asked her again, and told me to pay attention to security and trust the party and the government. In the face of her mothers love, Xiaoyin once again shed tears.

In his view, the outbreak is different from any other disaster, and many questions have not been answered due to early operational problems. Now the disaster situation is severe, the front-line medical workers are struggling to contain the epidemic, and the whole city of Wuhan has become an island attracting worldwide attention.

Thats why I take photos and update my personal wechat every day. Now the most important thing is to tell the outside world the real situation in Wuhan. In the face of disasters, the free flow of information is another powerful means to curb the spread of the virus. Xiao Yin said.

Shooting date of emergency announcement of guangbutun metro station: January 26. The picture of this article is provided by Xiaoyin

Its said that the next day, Wuhan Central City was banned. Xiaoyin went to Wu to discuss the shopping. Shooting date: January 26

Empty overpass between Wuhan University and Huashi shooting date: January 26

Sanitation workers in the rain of Wuhan. When they parted, he waved and drove away. Shooting date: January 26

In the face of disaster, as a poet, Xiaoyin is unable to pick up the pen to create.

I have no objection to writing literary works or poems before the disaster. Xiaoyin said, but in his view, the epidemic situation in Wuhan is complex, not just the earthquake, the car accident is as clear and clear as, the damage caused by pestilence, virus and other things is quite different from the collapse, overturning and explosion shock wave.

In the poets view, the virus is impacting peoples inherent cultural structure, thinking mode and logical framework from the lowest level, maybe we can only defeat the virus in the way of virus. Based on the above point of view, I personally cant write and dont want to write in the new coronavirus epidemic. But Im not against writing.

Today, Wuhan ushered in the long lost sunshine. In Xiaoyins circle of friends, many people lamented the rare good weather for more than a month. Others posted positive news on Weibo, noting that the rise in the number of confirmed cases in Wuhan is slowing.

The sun shines on Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, and the virus. Its said that the virus is afraid of high temperature. When winter comes and spring leaves, I dont know whether its true or not or what I hope to know. Xiaoyin wrote in the wechat message that his biggest wish at this time is that the epidemic will pass quickly and Wuhan can recover from the storm of public opinion to the original calm.

Wushuis famous Sancha road shooting date: January 30

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Wuhan citizens hoarding date: January 30